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Discussion in 'Factory Records Services' started by Csaba Szoke-Torok, Dec 29, 2016.

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    I recently inherited a Sako rifle. As I don't have a licence, the gun is currently sitting in the weapons chamber of my old town, circa 300 kms from my current location.

    A tried to do some research to find out the approximate value of the gun, but all I know is the serial from the warranty letter (from 1994, the serial is 8270XX), and the seller told me it's a Hunter model, the precedessor of 75 Hunter (based on his 22 years old records). It is chambered in 30-06 Springfield.

    Can anyone help me where can I find more information about the gun?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Csaba, welcome.

    If your rifle is from 1994 then it would probably be a Model L691. This rifle/action is very similar to the earlier L61R (and A-III and A-V), but has a few modifications, like a bolt-on recoil lug. The L691 was made for a relatively short period of time before it was supplanted by the Model 75. The biggest difference in the L691 and the Model 75 is that the L691 used two front-locking lugs directly opposed to each other (like a Mauser), while the M-75 used three front-locking lugs spaced at about 120 degrees around the bolt face.

    Your L691 .30-06 should be an excellent rifle for any of the larger game like red deer, boar, and even brown bears that might be found in continental Europe.

    There is one more possibility from the serial number. The 800,000's serials were used for the Sako Model 995 (also called TRG-s), which was a three-lug bolt based on the Sako TRG sniper rifle. The Model 995 came with a black synthetic stock and had a detachable magazine.

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