Howa Mini vs Sako L461

Discussion in 'Sako Short Actions' started by Chris Anderson, Feb 6, 2019.

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    I was reading some gun reviews yesterday and found a post that gun writer said he thought the Howa Mini was very similar to the L461 and that the basic action quality was excellent.

    Anyone own/built a rifle on the Howa Mini? Any opinions about the quality of the Howa Mini? I've been looking at the CZ 527 also. Any opinions about that action? I'd like to find an action that is properly proportioned for the 17/221 Fireball. I love the L461 but an action for the Fireball cartridge could be shorter than a L461 and still have plenty of room.

    Of course by the time you true the Howa and CZ actions, buy quality bottom metal ect maybe they would cost as much as a Sako AI/L461.


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