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Here's something you don't see every day

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Two auctions on Gunbroker for really unusual custom Sakos.

First, an L46 in a bullpup stock. This is just flat-out bizarre. Looks like it's been converted to a single shot, as I see no indication of a magazine. Just as well, because you're not going to cock it in time for a second shot anyway. Raises the question "Why?" A bullpup is short and handy, but the concept only works in a semiauto. I once saw a Siamese Mauser converted to .45-70, mounted in a bullpup stock. I didn't ask to shoot it.

And for your edification and amusement, a custom L461 in .22 Hornet, with a maple Mannlicher-style stock. Or at least that's what the seller says it is. However, the amount of misinformation in the description makes you wonder if he even got the caliber right. Here's a sample:

The SAKO L461 was available in several different calibers, including .222 Remington, .223 Remington, .222 Remington Magnum, .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, .308 Winchester, and .222 Remington Special. The rifle has a detachable box magazine and a three-position safety located on the bolt shroud.

Please, where can I buy an L461 with a detachable magazine and a bolt safety, chambered in .308? I want one! And where can I get ammo for my .222 Remington Special?

Seller says the barrel is marked Made in Finland - under the wood. So maybe somebody chopped a whole bunch off the back of the barrel and rechambered what was left? Or maybe it's an L46 barrel? And how on earth would you get a .22 Hornet to feed in an L461?

Check it out for yourself:


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The bidding is active on it, so there must be something we've overlooked. AH! There it is -- it has a genuine Herter's stock. You don't see a stock whittled out of a fence post everyday.


The bidding is active on it, so there must be something we've overlooked. AH! There it is -- it has a genuine Herter's stock. You don't see a stock whittled out of a fence post everyday.
I personally think the biggest attraction is the Bushmell Sharpshooter optic!


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Here's another masterpiece in similar style, chambered in the highly desirable and rare 7.62x39.


Where is the "handgun" with the Burris scope listed for sale? I'd like to buy it if the price is right. It would make a good basis for building a custom 6mm PPC or 6.5 Grendel. Scope & rings are worth $350-$400. That Burris ( I believe it's the 5X pistol scope) scope is sought after. Only Sako action I've ever seen for sale with the bolt face for .447" rim diameter except for the Sako PPC AI's. Finding the bottom metal would be the only hurdle. My dream of a Sako in 6.5 Grendel may come true!!
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OK, here is a genuine, made-in-Finland bullpup rifle. It's a Valmet m/82s. Valmet designed it in the 80's for special forces or police use. The military version, chambered for 7.62x39mm, was full-auto. There was also a semiauto in 5.56 NATO, which was exported to the US civilian market. It didn't catch on and only a few thousand were built. The offset sights make it a right-hand-only proposition. It was basically a modified m/76 assault rifle, and it accepts the same 15- and 30-round magazines as the 76. It handles better with the smaller mag, as shown. Like all the Valmet military rifles, it's basically a Kalashnikov under the hood.
m:82s-1.JPG m:82s-2.JPG