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Help locating a bolt for a Schultz and Larsen M68DL

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I'm new to this forum and in need of help locating a complete bolt for a Schultz and Larsen M68DL in 7mm Remington Magnum.
I apologize for intruding on this Sako site, but I do own several Ithaca/Tikka LSAs and L579 Forrester, 243.
Thanks for any feedback, sources, etc.
Thank you
That's a tough one. I've owned and hunted with a number of Schultz & Larsen rifles over a span of many years and currently have a M65DL in .264 Win. Mag. and a M68DL in 7x61 S&H. They are just wonderful rifles, seen by many as the finest in terms of fit and finish and workmanship of just about any factory rifle. They all have cut-rifled and lapped barrels, and S&L barrels (provided for a few other rifle makers as well) have, over the years, acquired a superb reputation among target and precision shooters. The company (https://schultzlarsen.com) is still in business today, although now under new ownership and in a new city in Denmark, and they now make a new line of rifles that are completely different from the M54J, M60, M65, M68DL series of the 1960s and 1970s made in Otterup, Denmark (and thus I doubt that they could provide a bolt for your M68DL, although it wouldn't hurt to inquire). For some reason, these new S&L rifles are not exported to North America, but are readily available in Europe.

I think you may have more luck in finding a bolt here in Canada than in the US, as it is my distinct impression (although I lack hard data) that more of that series may have ended up here than in the US. I suspect that a bolt from a M65 would fit the M68DL receiver, as the bolt/receiver didn't change significantly from the M65 to the M68DL. The changes in that sequence were very minor--a fully-shrouded bolt sleeve, shape and angle of the ejection port, bolt-sleeve safety, and floorplate release.

I'll keep an eye out for a bolt here in Canada, but I'm not too optimistic, and it may take a while. In the meantime, here are some places you could go to inquire and put up a wanted post:

1. The Gunboards forum - Swedish civilian and sporting firearms subforum:

2. The canadiangunnutz forum - Hunting and sporting arms subforum:

3. The Schultz & Larsen Club (where most of the content is about the M54J -- M68DL models):

4. Two Canadian buy & sell sites specializing in firearms:

Also try the Guns International and Guns America websites.

Best of luck in your search. The S&L M68DL, of which only 2238 were ever made (with fewer than 200 coming to the US) and which was the last and best of the earlier series made in Otterup, is a truly great rifle, and I hope you'll be able to get yours operational.
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South Pender thank you for your help/info. I am now a member of gunnutz and gunboards asking for help. I am in process of viewing townpost
Here's one other thought. If you look through the Schultz & Larsen Club webpage (the rifle pictured at the top of the page is a M68DL), you'll come across Gitte, who is the webmaster. She is the comely lady whose pictures appear near the end of that page. Unfortunately, it appears as though Jørgen Christensen, who for years had been the world authority on all things S&L (and who was very helpful in providing me with information several years ago), has left us, which leaves Thomas, Herluf, and Gitte, all mentioned on there, as three remaining Scandinavian authorities on the Otterup Schultz & Larsen rifles (the M54J through M68DL series). You could email Gitte and see whether she might have some thoughts about a source for a M68DL bolt. Perhaps she will contact Thomas or Herluf for help in this regard. Gitte’s email address is: [email protected]

Best of luck!:)
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An M60 magnum bolt face bolt popped up on eBay. I know the bolts have slight differences with the bolt shroud and safety but it will probably fit your action.
An M60 magnum bolt face bolt popped up on eBay. I know the bolts have slight differences with the bolt shroud and safety but it will probably fit your action.
Good find, Ksmith022. The M60 was cock-on-closing, whereas Dynafit's M68DL is cock-on-opening. So I'm not sure that a M60 bolt would work in the M68DL. It might; I'm just not sure. I've never owned an M60, only M65s and M68s, both cock-on-opening. Dynafit could start a thread on the canadiangunnutz.com forum and pose the question. There are quite a few Canadians with S&L rifles, and one of them might have the answer.
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