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    Hello from North Texas. My name is Earl. I figured I'd join here after acquiring another Sako. I'm not a Sako collector per se, but a proud owner of a few. Two are older "pre Garcia" L61 Finnbears one in .270 and the other in 30-06. My Uncle had purchased them from the Kaiserslautern Rod & Gun Club in German in 1969. I still have the paperwork on them. He brought them back to the states on his return. He hunted with the 30-06 though I don't believe he ever shot anything with it (I think he had enough killing in Vietnam but that's just my guess). He gave the .270 to my father who then proceeded to hunt with it for more than 30 years taking every deer he has ever shot with it.

    I acquired the .270 from my Dad when he could no longer hunt due to tremors. I acquired the 30-06 prior to my beloved Uncles passing. My oldest son hunted with the .270 for years until I got the 30-06. He has since moved to it and adopted it as his, I continue to hunt and harvest with the .270 which will in time go to my youngest son. So these Finnbears are on their 3rd generation of hunters in 50 years and I expect will still be going strong in another 50.

    I was in Cabelas in Allen Sunday and they had a "pre Garcia" L579 Forester Deluxe .308 with Leopold M8-4X scope, Bofors steel barrel so pre 1968 for the princely sum of $499 so of course it went home to be with the others.



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