H&R 333 with Sako L61R action

Discussion in 'Other firearms built on Sako actions' started by Guest, Dec 8, 2005.

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    I have a H&R; model 333 with a Sako L61R round reciever. The reciever ring and bridge are the same hight with no dovetail cuts. The receiver radius is .67 inch, the front screw spacing is .86 inch, the rear screw spacing is .5 inch. The receiver is marked with L61R only I do not know if it is a Finbear. The tables list a FN mauser base for Sako round receivers but that base will not work for this action. I am trying to scope this rifle.


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    give Midsouth Shooters Supply a call. #1.800.272.3000. Get them to transfer you to the Techies. The techies direct line is #1.931.553.8651. These people should be able to fix you up. Good luck.


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