Gun show report: (almost) no Sakos

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    Today's gun show was mostly a disappointment. Only one Sako to be seen, and that was an L461 sporter in .222 that I used to own. No Tikkas, unless I missed one in the anonymous mass of stainless rifles with black plastic stocks. Few interesting/collectible European military or sporting rifles at all. I did see one Swiss 1889 in decent shape for a reasonable $350, but decided against buying it. Just wasn't motivated, especially since I'm thinking of thinning my Swiss collection. Was tempted by a very nice Ruger No. 1 in 7x57, with open sights and an old steel Weaver V9, but even at $750 (asking, probably could have knocked off another 50), I couldn't get excited about it. Wood was in perfect condition but plain. Finally I checked out some European scopes - a Kahles military 6x was tempting at $299 since I have the SSG sniper rifle it was made for, but condition was pretty rough so I passed. Likewise a Kahles 1.5-6x with a missing turret cap at $399.

    It was a great show if you were in the market for an AR-15, a Garand, or a plastic 9mm or .380. Didn't see any collectible semiautos or any AK's worth looking at. Lots of SKS rifles but mostly Yugo and Chinese. There were plenty of overpriced Smith & Wessons, and a whole display case full of garishly engraved and plated 1911 Colts. I'd forgotten my sunglasses so didn't linger.

    I did pick up one good deal, Winchester .222 40-grain Silvertips at $15 a box. I'd been thinking about trying out some light bullets in my .222 Sakos; this will save me the trouble of handloading. Also got some hard-to-find original military ammo for the 1909 Argentine Mauser in 7.65x53.

    Not the best of shows, but that's life.
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