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Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by L61R, Jan 7, 2010.

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    Hey Guys!

    Members are free to post pretty much whatever they want as long as you are the lawful owner of items that are legal to possess and sell.

    Linking to ongoing auctions at auction sites or similar is not allowed in this section!

    Also, no links to other For Sale sites or similar.

    All items MUST have a fixed price. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    It is free of charge to post here and you can post no matter how many or few posts you have.

    Businesses can post here but MUST contact L61R, the owner first. Thanks!

    All members posting here MUST add their Country of residence to the Location in the Profile. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    This is a service to you members and I as the forum owner take no responsibility for items sold here. Neither do the Moderators.


    Write your post the way you want it and please add photos if you like. Use a photo site like Photobucket, flickr or similar.

    And please refrain from uploading photos from your own computer if you can. If you do, use 640x480 size and post a maximum of 4 pics.

    And do include a price! It is mandatory!


    All members can delete or edit their posts indefinitely all over the forum, so when you have sold your goods, PLEASE delete the post. But you canĀ“t post replies. Either to you own or posts made by others. This to avoid follow up questions not related to the actual sale.

    If you need to update your listing, go ahead and edit it the way you see fit.

    Have questions about an item listed? Send a PM by Conversations.

    Thank you for reading and Good Luck with your dealings here!!

    These rules may change without notice so please read them before you post!

    These rules are for private sales only! If you run a company and would like to sell items or advertise on the forum, please contact me first!

    Jim aka L61R

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