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Discussion in 'Forum FAQ' started by L61R, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Hi Guys!

    Here is some short basics on how to post on the Sako Collectors Club.

    When you have written your post, choose the right category for your topic. To do this, use the drop down box underneath the area where you type your message. If you canxB4t find a category for your post, use the General category!
    If you have multiple questions regarding several topics, you might consider writing several posts and then post them in the appropriate categories.

    Please do attch pics if you like but keep them to a minimum and maximum of 4 per post. Keep the file size down if you upload from your computer(640x480 size is a good setting). We donxB4t have so much storage space here IxB4m afraid! This might change in the future but it is how it is for now.
    Or you might consider using a photo site like Photobucket or similar. If you do, donxB4 t delete the pics from your photo site or the link will turn up "empty"!

    If you use the Quote function, be somewhat restrictive. This function shows all of the info in the post your quoting and it can make the thread a bit messy to read and follow. Espescially if there are a lot of pics in it. If you want a quote box simply wrap the words with [ quote] quoted text [ /quote] note: space was added after bracket to prevent actuation. Remove space when using.

    And I would like to encourage the use of the PM system. This function is a good one if you might have additional questions or maybe find yourselves involved in a discussion that maybe isnxB4t in the "greater interest" for the Forum.

    If you want to post in the For Sale/Wanted/For Trade section or the Photo Section, please read the guidelines IxB4ve posted there!

    If you have any questions about the Forum itself or how to navigate the same, please post your questions in the FAQ section. This might help other members who has encountered the same problems! Or send a PM to me or the Admins! WexB4ll help you as soon as we can!!
    If you have any tips for making the Forum better, please post them in the FAQ category as well! I am most grateful for all input I can get!!:wink2:

    Thank You for reading this!!

    Jim aka L61R

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