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    Fear of plagiarism & copyright restrictions prevent me from more quotes. This book was originally written by
    Frank de Haas. This is the 4th edition and it is edited by Wayne Zwoll. It covers virtually all Bolt-Action rifles. I purchased it hoping that it had info on Sako. Boy Howdy does it! Let's start with this:
    "Thanks to the information sent me by Mims Reed, who is a Sako student and collector, I can fill you in on this rare model Sako (L469). Mims Reed has also given me additional information about the Sako firm and a thumbnail listing of the various Sako bolt-action rifles they produced,along with production dates (see the end of this chapter). And for those of you who collect Sako guns, there is an organization for Sako collectors."

    Zwoll, Wayne. Bolt Action Rifles. Gun Digest Media. Kindle Edition.

    IMO this book is certainly worth owning, Printed & Kindle are both available.
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    Yes, I agree--good coverage of most of the Sako models. There are some omissions (the "91" series, for example), and my copy ("Expanded 4th Edition) has a publication date of 2003, which means that the Model 85s are completely missing. Still, good coverage up to and including the M75s.
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