G'day and sako 85 bavarian question

Discussion in 'General Sako Discussions' started by GSPhunter, Jul 31, 2018.

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    G'day all,

    I'm from Victoria and a passionate big game hunter. I also love my sakos though you probably wouldn't know looking in my safe at the moment. I had a sako 75 ss synthetic in 7mm RM and a Sako 85 Bavarian in 300WM. Both of which i sold, the bav still haunts me! I used the money to buy some leica binos and an A7 in 30-06. I will buy one more gun to fill the safe and it must be a 9.3x62 in sako. I dearly love my brothers black bear but I want another nice wooden rifle.

    Unfortunately i broke my phone recently so don't have many pics of my sakos or game photos with them. There's one of my brothers black bear with a fallow and one of my old bavarian with a red.

    I'm currently building a new rifle, i tried to get a sako but they dont make a 7x57 and i couldn't afford to pay for one then rebarrel it so im using a cz 550 as a donor rifle.

    My question is, I'm planning on having it as an open sights rifle and the gunsmith has got hold of open sights from a sako 85 bavarian. Wondering what people think of them for shooting game and targets to say 250m? I know the irony of asking this considering i once owned one but i only ever shot that scoped.

    Appreciate any experience and advice.

    P.s. great forum here Can't believe i hadn't heard of ut before!

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    G’day GSPhunter and welcome.
    A couple of magnificent looking animals there, great trophies in anyone’s book.
    While I don’t own any of the 85 series rifles, I’ve handled a couple in the ‘Bear’ series and was most impressed by the immediate sight acquisition when shouldering both rifles.
    Probably a lot to do with the stock shape too though. If your gunsmith can make it work, I’d say go for it.

    Keep us posted, we like pics.
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    Welcome. Great pics. Keep them coming after you get your phone fixed.


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