FS: Sako L57 Sporter in .244 Remington

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by Paul B., Sep 27, 2020.

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    For Sale: Sako L57 Sporter chambered in .244 Remington - $1,850 (obo) + S&H and Insurance - Must ship FFL to FFL - This rifle is in excellent, original, condition (see photos). Happy to take additional photos upon request. Thanks!

    20200926_145619.jpg 20200926_145649.jpg 20200926_145653.jpg 20200926_145659.jpg 20200926_145722.jpg 20200926_145724.jpg 20200926_145729.jpg 20200926_145734.jpg 20200926_145744.jpg 20200926_145748.jpg 20200926_145752.jpg 20200926_145800.jpg 20200926_145802.jpg 20200926_145848.jpg 20200926_145917.jpg 20200926_145937.jpg 20200926_150004.jpg 20200926_150020.jpg 20200926_150046.jpg 20200926_150049.jpg 20200926_150114.jpg 20200926_150207.jpg 20200926_150216.jpg 20200926_150256.jpg 20200926_150103.jpg

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