FS: Sako AV Finnbear .25-'06 Remington, $1400 plus shipping

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by RangerAV, Jun 23, 2020.

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    I guess I've been distracted for a few years... since starting this back in early 2017...

    Serial #6159xx
    Barreled action professionally pillar bedded in a McMillan "Sako Classic" synthetic stock
    Almost like new; only 94 rounds fired

    To be shipped in the original box with original papers,
    - Box says AV and L61R, receiver says AV, instruction manual says L61R

    Includes original lightweight lacquered stock (with palm swell) and scope mount rings, to be shipped separately

    Also includes ammunition and handloading supplies (to be shipped separately)
    - 3 Boxes Federal Premium, with 100-gr Nosler Ballistic Tips (26 unfired, 34 once-fired)
    - 3 boxes Federal Premium with 117-gr Boat Tail Soft Points (46 once-fired empties, 8 once-fired primed, 4 twice-fired empties)
    - 4 Boxes Nosler 100-gr Ballistic Tip bullets; 3 unopened, probably 46 bullets remaining in the single opened box
    - RCBS Neck Die Set (2-die set), P/N 12002

    PM or e-mail (e-mail is slightly easier for me) if interested.

    A1_left_full_PICT1301 - Copy.JPG A2_left_barrel_PICT1327 - Copy.JPG B_left_partial_PICT1297 - Copy.JPG Z_gang_12.JPG


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