Finnwolf VL63 Found a Finnwolf today

Discussion in 'Sako Finnwolf VL63 lever actions' started by MDJ, Nov 11, 2019.

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    I finally had a chance to begin looking through my uncles collection this afternoon and found a VL63 Finnwolf 243. It looks to be in great condition for not being stored in a case. There are some very faint markings on the magazine follower and no markings on the ring bases. The inside of the barrel doesn't show any visible sign of shooting (at least to my 52 year old eyes) , which leads me to believe that maybe it has only been shot before leaving the factory. I'm planning to take it to the gunsmith later this week to see what he thinks. I am having some trouble trying to get a date on it, though.

    The funny thing is, is on my way home today, I was thinking about the 3x9 VX 3 I have to put on it, but now I'm thinking about not using it. I keep telling myself and my wife that I am not a gun collector, but I am starting to do some of the things my uncle did, which is bring home guns and lock them up. I keep telling myself that guns were made to shoot.

    VL61 Finnwolf 1.jpg VL61 Finnwolf 2.jpg
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    MDJ, well that’s a very nice VL63! Congratulations!

    My two cents:

    mount it with said scope, take it to the range and shoot it. Then hunt with it. Be gentle with it, give it good care every now and then and enjoy owning, shooting, hunting and cleaning it.

    It will not depreciate the value very much.

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    Sell a nice Sako......especially a "family" firearm?

    I usually WAIT.......until such a terrible thought passes......then I'm good. :)
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