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    At last the .243 L-579 Forester gets here. What a beautiful piece of art, form, and function.
    I have on hand NEW R.P. .243 brass and cycled 12 thru the action just to be sure they would
    load. I have seen suggested loads for accuracy & hunting and will have some loaded with IMR 4350
    @ about 2900 FPS and try them at the farm. I attempted to save pics. of the rifle. It has a Bolfors steel barrel, a Leupold VX II -3-9 X 40 mm scope with fine reticle cross hairs. there are some minor dents on the botton fore IMG_5659.jpg arm side where it most likely rested on a window sill in a blind. Nothing really deep. I also have a pic. of my Interarms .243 along with the Forester. The original certificates from Sako were also provided, much to my supprise and it seems to have been built in 1961. I hope it shoots as well as it looks and thanks to ,all for providing great info. on the rifle & loadings. Oops iguess I didn't up load the many picc from my wife's phone correctly. It shows Gazelle type critter on the floor plate and has a half moon mag. release. I'll try again later. Hi tech. gets me !!!


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