For Sale: Sako L46 Custom Sporter (.222 Remington Magnum)

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by Oso Polaris, May 16, 2019.

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    I am doing some Spring Cleaning and narrowing down my collection. When I bought this rifle a week later my wife surprised me with a gift... more or less the exact same rifle. I have been staring at the two of them for over a year trying to decide which one would stay. Unfortunately, this rifle has sat in my safe since its purchase while I focused on other projects.
    This is a Sako L46 Sporter (serial # 48XXX) chambered in .222 Remington Magnum with a 24" barrel. The original owner upgraded the factory stock for a beautiful curly walnut stock with an oil finish, and features a steel butt plate and steel palm cap. The receiver and sight dovetails are pristine without any marring or drill/tap from scope rings. The front sight ramp and hood are clean and solid. The bluing is +90% without any rub marks along the barrel or trigger guard. The only thinning of its bluing is on the lower half (below the knurling) on the bolt knob.
    The rifle includes a Peep Sight and two (2) factory 3-round magazines. Yes, I managed to track down a spare (second) factory L46 3-round magazine (222 Rem. Mag).
    Sale price is $1400 plus shipping.

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