Finnwolf VL63 Finnwolf assembly help!

Discussion in 'Sako Finnwolf VL63 lever actions' started by Mullet Hunter, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Ok I have tried holding my mouth right, stayed over at church, and helped old ladies across the street and I still cannot for the life of me get this rifle put back together properly. Is there a video, or detailed instructions I am missing? My main issue is with I guess timing and gear placement. Is there a secret to getting this thing back together and shooting? Every time I think I have it right either the bolt won’t go forward enough, or it won’t move at all. I have since taken the rifle to my gunsmith whom apparently is having the same issue, however he is more patient than me. Is anyone near NW Florida that knows the trick? I’m paying... any help is appreciated. Sad part is I have two other wolfs that are together and working fine, and I will never take them apart after this nightmare. The gun was disassembled to replace the hammer, now it won’t go back together.


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    The Finnwolf is notoriously difficult to reassemble. I've never taken one apart myself, but the word is that the Finnwolf is an absolute nightmare to work on. I hope you can find a smith who is experienced with them. You might try contacting SakoSource (a forum sponsor, see ad at top of page) for a reference. There are a couple of major Finnwolf fans who are members here; perhaps one of them can help. You can also try searching through old posts for helpful information. There's one called Finnwolf assembly that has a little bit of useful information.
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    I have a vague recollection that a gunsmith somewhere out west (SW?) was recommended on the Forum years ago as being a Finnwolf expert. I know, that doesn't help you one bit, but maybe searching the Forum archives will.

    I got curious myself:

    I did a very quick Forum search but couldn't verify my recollection. However, I did come up with a couple of possibilities, albeit possibly dated. A thorough Forum search likely will reveal more. This question has been asked on the Forum before.

    Accuflite Arms in PA; Talk to James Bartols, owner. (Source is possibly "sketchy" but worth a call) in Canada. I looked them up and here's the Canadian TOLL-FREE number: 1 (866) 627-8933 Apparently one of their gunsmiths totally re-assembled a Finnwolf while engaged in conversation with the customer, a Canadian SCC Forum member. Quite a feat! The member was "kuntao" back in 2010; (Note: Grizzlygunworks has several US locations, too. Maybe you can get a US gunsmith referral from a Grizzlygunworks Canadian gunsmith...maybe an "old timer"...maybe the gunsmith who worked on kuntao's Finnwolf! )

    Todd Ramirez at the Beretta Gallery in Dallas, per Forum member Deergoose in 2005. (I'd PM Deergoose who is very active on the Forum)

    Try this TX gunsmith: [email protected] (Forum date: 2005)


    I didn't find my phantom gunsmith out west, but maybe some of these old resources will lead you to a very knowledgeable Finnwolf gunsmith. Many of these leads might be dated. My guess is if you can find an "old timer" gunsmith who really knew Finnwolfs "like the back of his hand" you probably will get a referral to a current smith who can help you.

    It's just a mystery to solve!!!

    Please let the rest of us know what you find.

    And good luck!

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