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Early L579 308

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Very nice Forester!
There is gold underneath the blackness of tarnish that covers the engraving! It will rub right off .. Flitz I think is the name of one product that can be used.
Thanks for sharing Rocky!

That just about brings tears to my eyes. Just needs an old "weavy" K6. Should be a multi goove barrel?
All of the differentials are there with this one. Slant of the fore end, lack of a recoil crossbolt on the .308. and the diamond cap. Flatbolts are my favorite deluxes for all those peculiarities.
Collecting these beautiful pre-72 Deluxes for years, I noticed a tendency about the size of the diamonds in the checkering. The early rifles like Rocky's fantastic 308 tend to have small diamonds and a lot of them. If you count the vertical columns of the diamonds in the forearm of this 308 there is 24 vertical columns and a total of 108 or so diamonds. IMHO it is typical for these early rifles to have 22-24 columns of diamonds. Again, IMHO, it seems the diamonds increased in size every few years. The picture below of the 1964 Deluxe 308 shows it has 19 vertical columns of diamonds and a total of 84 or so diamonds which seems typical for this vintage. The forearm picture of the 1966 Deluxe 243 show the forearm has 13 vertical columns and a total of 52 or so diamonds. The picture of the grip shows the diamonds are the same size as the forearm diamonds.

My L461's and L61R's follow this tendency. I think this shows that Sako considered these rifles a work in progress and made slight changes to increase sales. But just like some like blonds and some like brunettes it's hard to improve something that's perfect....if you get my meaning.:D

Sako and Sako Action Browning 4of12.JPG Deluxe 243 Large diamonds 1of2.JPG Deluxe 243 Large diamonds 2of2.JPG

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