Early 60s l579 Estate sale find

Discussion in 'Sako Medium Actions' started by Fatamos33, Jan 1, 2021.

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    Happy new year! I apologize now for the long post, I feel like I need to give all the details, that might answer questions before they’re asked. Also I’m a newb to bolt action rifles in general, let alone 60 year old bolt actions.

    New to the group, and Sako rifles. Back in august I happened upon a Facebook market place post that the gentleman had mentioned his late father was a “world class stock maker”(Earl Milliron, some may have heard of him, most I have talked to have not). I asked about any stocks they were trying to offload, and to my delight they had some. While I was going through the stock pile(no pun intended, literally a pile of unfinished wood stocks/patterns), the gentleman he mentioned he had some other stuff I might be interested in.

    He takes me back into the house, where he had some parts laying on the ground, and that’s when I started kicking myself for not following my gut and bringing more cash. I ended up walking away with a sako 243 forester(L579) barreled action(needs lower parts), a FN Mauser action, and .284 Winchester barrel, with 5 stock blanks, all for $175. I feel I did alright.

    The Sako seems to be brand new honestly, I’m just hoping to find the parts I need. I think he had broken it down for a fitment and never got back to putting it together. I kinda wish I had more time at the guys house to look at the parts because the parts were probably sitting right in front of me, and I didn’t realize it. Im now rambling, Anyway here’s what I got.

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