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Dinosaur Hunting

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That would be a trophy that very few could afford! And the guide fee would be pretty hefty. But you would have to buy a Wally World to store the meat.


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Triceratops head mount $ 12500
Wall re-inforcement (steel). $ 8,500
Divorce decree. $ 100000
Been married 52 years and though I love my wife ......
You have my sincere congratulations for 52 years of marriage and I hope in faith for you and your wife many vibrant years to go. Susan and are a little more than half way to your achievement but, we are determined to get there. It warms my heart that our silly little thread could go in this direction. You must be a good man for her to keep you so long. Inspiring.

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How did Clovis and Folsom hunters kill super predators/mega carnivores (short faced bear or dire wolves, lions, tigers, etc) and the giant mammoth and giant bison (Bison Antiquas)? What did they have in common with North and South American and African hunters? Toxins.
A good dose of Water Hemlock (Cicuta maculata), Americas most toxic plant can kill cattle in minutes, The Machineel tree (Hipppomane manciella), the worlds most dangerous tree grows in Southern N. America and the poison of the Sandbox tree (Hura crepians) is half a million times more toxic than Potassium Cyanide and found in tropical Mexico. These have become rare and endangered, but abundant in earlier times. The Clovis and Folsom technologies were sophisticated systems to deliver poison deep in the body of prey, not designed to cut a wide wound and bleed out an elephant but rather to get deep penetration and a feature to hold the poison secure to the blade as in a detachable fore-shaft. The target was not bone that shatters stone blades but rather the abdomen and evidenced by cluster of multiple mammoth and bison kills sites. The abdomen or small intestines would have been the quickest release site targeted and uptake of the poison for the quickest possible kill through cardiac arrest.
The natural toxicity caused the prey to become disoriented, muscular weakness, lost balance and cardiac arrest, rather quickly.
Poisoned arrows have been used in India to dispatch tigers in three hours, Ainu hunters in Japan killing brown bears quickly and African traditional hunters killing grown elephants in minutes, although earlier hunters used faster acting poisons then available. Early Inuit hunters could kill a bow-head whale with a lance delivering but a pin prick in quick fashion. Rattlesnake venom was a poison also used in war arrow heads smeared with putrid tissues to accelerate other poisons as well.
Source material: Jones, D.E. 2009. Poison Arrows. North American Indian hunting and warfare. Univ of Texas Press. And other research material, including Valerius Geist, Mitchell Grey, et al.

The gist being that historically the mass and energy of modern projectiles overlooks the efficiency of early hunters with mega sized prey that has been largely ignored. Failing the toxin use, early man would have been more starved or killed by super predators and poisons became valuable early trade goods, i.e., tropical mexican parrot feathers found in caves in what is now Oregon and Washington state. (my op).
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Very interesting. Thanks for posting this, and double thanks for including the source. There's so much made-up nonsense on the Internet these days that it's great to see a guy who can back up some esoteric information with a credible source. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've sent off a link to Snopes or another fact-checking site in response to somebody forwarding an e-mail containing misinformation. Congratulations on being a credible source!


Blast it! Icebear you guys quit using difficult words like esoteric. This forum started as a small circle, but it's a lot bigger now, and I've wore out 2 dictionaries trying to keep up with you guys. :mad: :D :)
Agreed D2 !
I suppose we should be happy that the big words are in English..multi lingual members can make it even more complicated..google translations first..then dictionary.



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Gentlemen. I sure am happy that I have kept my big old Webster's Collegiate Dictionary all these years, since you folks have gone high-brow on us with all of those fancy (educational) words. Cheers! Sakojim.