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Did Firearms International have Sako build their FN Mausers in the 1960's?

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I have one, no barrel markings other than the FI, Wash DC marks. The trigger is clearly a Sako trigger and says 'Made In Finland' on the side. the barrel is not at all like the earlier FN Mausers that FI imported that are clearly FN made. Thanks!
Good Morning, Cavedog.
I don't have the answer to your very good question, but I'm sure the answer will show up here soon.
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Cavedog- Firearms International built or had built some FN actioned rifles called "Musketeer" of which I have a .243. Sako was also still assembling the Sako High Power in the 60s prior to the introduction of the L61R. When you get a chance, post some pictures of your rifle. We'd like to see it.-Misako
Hey Cavedog,
I have a Firearms International Musketeer mannlicher. Barrel is marked, "Firearms International Wash D.C." on the left side and, "Musketeer Cal .300 Win. Mag" on the right. Receiver is marked "FN Action - Made in Belgium. The trigger is an FN trigger. FI as well as Garcia were the importers for the FN Mauser Supreme also. Now, FI and Garcia literature I have actually reads that the Sako #4 trigger was recommended for use in the FN Supreme action. It also reads that the Sako trigger was a "perfect replacement for any Masuer 98 action, military or commercial". Back then, you could purchase Sako actions, barrels, barreled actions and triggers. You could also purchase FN Supreme actions and barreled actions. The Musketeer was an FI "Frankenstein" of sorts, using the FN action and Button Rifled barrels that rumor has it were supplied by High Standard. FI also came out with a Musketeer II, which may have been fitted with a #4 Sako trigger. Like Mike wrote, photo's would be great.
OK, did some quick research. FI literature for the Musketeer and Musketeer II reads that the rifles were fitted with a Sako trigger. As I mentioned, the trigger on mine is not Sako, but FN. Go figure. Hey Mike, is your trigger on your Musketeer Sako or FN?
Will- It is Sako by FINN
thanks guys - i will take a pic and post. it was a common model - depicted in the late 60s FI catalogs. an ok walnut stock, but coarse checkering - i dont recall the name.
I have one of these "made in Finland" Triggers that I am incorporating into a Siamese Mauser action I have barreled to 7.62x54R. The barrel is a Santa Barbara and the receiver sight is a Steyr-Mannlicher.Although it will fit into any Mauser 98, it requires a commercial cocking piece as it is an escapist style trigger, and not a lever-style like the military Mauser.