Short Actions Dad's old Sako L46 in 222 Remington Mag - hope to resurrect

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    I'm restoring two of my father's Sako rifles, this one an L46 in 222 Remington Magnum. It is glass bedded in Devcon, has a free floating barrel and a Canjar set trigger. It sat in my safe for close to three decades when I cleaned it, found some old reloads my father made probably four decades ago seating 53 gr Sierra Bench-Rest bullets.

    I don't know the specifics of the loads, but I was impressed 40+ year old reloads shot pretty good, about .5 MOA at 100 yards with an old optic as well. Hoping to improve the performance I'm going to start working on load development starting with Starline brass, annealed, sized, uniform the primer pockets, ran Quickload and will start with H322 and the Sierra 53 gr hollow point bench rest bullets.

    I'll start by confirming the freebore and load some test rounds about .005 off the lands increasing the charge about 1.5 grains below max and just over max in .2 grain increments testing for velocity nodes. When I find a good node, I'll run tests based on touching the lands and backing up .005 of an inch looking for the precision node. When I find a narrow range I'll go back and retest with freebore increments of .002.

    Forgot, full sizing the brass with custom dies based on fired brass, trim cases to length, check neck wall thickness and turn necks if necessary to achieve .0015 to .002 neck tension checking case and necks with concentricity gauge (21st Century). Powder charge, bullet and powder checked with FX-120i scale and Auto Trickler, highly recommended.


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