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    Hey All!

    Sako LTD and SCC is working together and we will launch a new and updated forum very soon!

    New name, new look, new functions but we will remain the best and only Sako forum on the internet.

    I will be back with a lot more info very soon but please be aware that you might experience small changes during the transition period.
    We will merge a couple of sub-forums, rename some and do other small things.

    The forum may also be shut down at times for maintenance and development work.

    When we have set a date for the big move, we will email all members and also set up notices on the forum and such.

    All members will also be prompted to re-confirm our Privacy Rules and such.

    Rest assured, our forums will always be free for any and all who is interested in Sako!

    The forum will not be owned by, nor affiliated to Sako or other company, organisation or entity, other than SCC, Sako Collectors Club.

    Stay Tuned! More info coming soon!:)

    Jim D Staf
    Sako Collectors Club
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