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    It is not my ad, nor am I buying it, but I thought some of you may be interested.
    I see this on a Canadian firearms site:
    You may have to join the site in order to even see or answer the ad.

    Excellent condition, all original. Shot very little. Bore perfect, microgrooves. Brought it back with me from Finland. Best one I was able to find in one year and I looked at many of these. Comes with 3 magazines, one of them refurbished and has 5 round capacity (new spring inside it) instead of the usual 6. Also comes with original canvas bag and spare parts. Basically all the parts off an older p54 minus the actioned barrel and stock.
    I can guarantee you won't find another like this with all the goodies.
    (Canadian) plus shipping[email protected]/48522200312/in/dateposted-public/
    More pictures to email or phone if interested.

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