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Calling all members about a future L46!

Sako Collectors Club Discussion Forum

Which SCC L46 would you like to own??

  • Sporter 7x33

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Mannlicher 7x33

    Votes: 21 17.1%
  • Sporter .25-20

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Mannlicher .25-20

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Sporter .218Bee

    Votes: 10 8.1%
  • Mannlicher .218Bee

    Votes: 9 7.3%
  • Sporter .22Hornet

    Votes: 15 12.2%
  • Mannlicher .22Hornet

    Votes: 14 11.4%
  • Deluxe 7x33 or .25-20 or.218Bee or .22Hornet

    Votes: 45 36.6%

  • Total voters
Jim, I will take 1 of each
Deluxe 7x33, .25-20,218Bee, 22Hornet.

However, I will just take 1 or maybe 2 of whatever they agree to make.
Jim - Deluxe 218Bee or 22Hornet.

I will at least take 1 or maybe 2 depending on the actual cost. Maybe even 3 if they are a reasonable - one for me and one for each of my boys, but cost will determine that.
Thanks for trying to get something going !!
Wonderful pipe dream!! Hope it comes to be. Any L46 in any caliber that comes out of this would be a definite BUY for me. The 17 Hornet is HOT right now, so that could be an incentive to bring it back for that market. Any L46 with a Hornet bolt face would be very desirable for us that would build rifles off it. Heck, just the action would be great!! I'll build the rest of it.
I'd take something in .22 Hornet , a Mannlicher or Deluxe or a SCC Commemorative model. Preferably in LH safety as Topgear has suggested.
2nd choice would be the same styles again in .222

(I couldn't see a Poll voting button above; are we supposed to add to the above poll numbers? If so, sorry I've 'failed')

I just saw this subject. I've had 7 x 33's and ammo is the problem in the USA
A gun without ammo is just a paper weight.
I just saw this subject. I've had 7 x 33's and ammo is the problem in the USA
A gun without ammo is just a paper weight.

I'm the opposite - 300 new cases, 700 odd projectiles and not an original 7x33 to be found. So going the reamer/custom route!

Beretta were/are importing 7x33 brass to Australia recently. I brought mine about 12 months back for $130/100 cases. I would imagine Beretta US should be able to get them in for you?
Hi all!

Well, it doesn't look promising to tell the truth.

I used to have a contact at Sako but he's left. They don't reply to my emails anymore and I have given up hope about hearing from them.

They are probably busy building and selling their current line of rifles, and do not have time for nerds like us.
I can appreciate that of course, as it must be hard to run guns today.

Possible solutions if Sako (Beretta) is truly not interested.
Is the Sako L46 design copyright protected?
If no, possibly the Browning folks in Belgium might be interested- maybe being made in Japan?
I spoke to a Beretta rep at a distributor show about a month ago & raised this question. At least 200 customs of modern actions & deep pockets to support it. I would personally like a 975 in 6.5x47
I don't think the L46 would be copyrighted. The mauser mini x or remington 799 is pretty much an exact copy of the L461 - they even use the same extractor for the bolt! So I can't image copyright would be an issue. It would be a bit like the norinco JW15 .22's which are an exact copy of the old bruno model 2 .22's. I just don't think there would be enough demand to get a chinese or japanese company interested.
Well men... I just got my first L46 and have been admiring it for several days. I have two L461 Vixens and think they're pretty darn nice. But I saw this one come available and had always wanted one. It's in pretty nice shape. I put a Leupold 6.5-20x40 scope on it and am ready to poke some holes to see how it does. Maybe Wednesday.
have a look at it...
Hey all!

There is a huge interest in the L46 series here and I have had a crazy idea in the back of my mind for a while.

When I saw a post here on the board today I thought I´d check the interest for such a thing to happen.

Take this for what it is as it probably is like chasing for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I suspect one has to order quite a lot of rifles to make anything like this happen so I´ll set up a poll to check the interest.
Let´s say we could pull this off and that each members could order just one SCC L46, which model and caliber would you choose?

This is just for fun right now but if many enough is interested I will take it from there and I will try to contact Finland about it.

Me myself would opt for a Mannlicher in 7x33, cased with original peep sight.

Mind you, if this is to become real, expect them to be EXPENSIVE!

Edit: But I opted for a Deluxe in 7x33!


There are some things better remembered than revisited. I would imagine that SAKO or perhaps more properly Beretta could produce the L461 again.

Vulcan proverbs

Wanting is more pleasurable than having. I have often found this to be true. The search and acquisition are the most exciting. Even if the rifle shoots perfectly... the excitement is over.

So for my advice friends, enjoy what you have for those are probably the best of times, and remember your shooting mates, and you will have a smile on your face.
I am curious about interest in the diminutive 22 center fires. Seems to me that over the years each has given up in favor of the next click. 218 bee went to 219 zipper and that to 222 rem. The rem has had a resurgence as the number of firearms chambered for it still in existence hasn't diminished as much. And with new interest in saving component cost while still preserving performance. But if I wanted a less powerful 22 than a 222, I'd probably get a 22 Mag. Sure those 22 Hornet cases are cute. But are about 22 mag in power at a higher cost to you. It's the same quiz with 22-250 vs 220 Swift vs 223WSSM. But here you are limited by firearm mfg, and case all but the 22-250.

So my answer to the question of which 22 I'd want to see the L46 made in would be simple... 222 Rem.
Gee Guys... to update my previous post (up one or two) it's an interesting idea. Kinda like asking General Motors if they'd like to make a limited run of the 57 Chevy Bel Air with 283 and stick shift.

Personally as much as I'd like to have more SAKO rifles, it wouldn't be a factory remake. The giant block of steel at the rear of the bolt was FAR from a thing of beauty. The L461 was an obvious improvement, as were the high comb stocks to accommodate scope shooters. Although late model L46's have the improved stock...

I collect Smith & Wesson, and when the factory offered remakes of guns like the model 58, I was unhappy. Now when you see a model 58 you have to be careful that it's not the remake version. Old is better in this case.. more machined parts fewer investment castings...

I shopped for years before finding an L46 without any loss of bluing or rust, and that appeared to not be shot out... that was affordable. My little L46 --> I have one that I like. I do believe the 7x33 is an interesting cartridge, and if I were to acquire another... it would likely be in that. Although I have a dozen SAKO's all but one is PreGarcia. And I wouldn't buy another Garcia again. The stock finish turns sticky and constantly needs to be wiped of that resinous excrement. And they messed with the bolt cap... adding an annoying button.

Wouldn't it actually be better to leave well enough alone, and enjoy the search for your RARE SAKO dream gun? I think so!

Regards to all yall

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You can have the Sako of our dreams by simply building a custom rifle on any Sako action in any caliber of your choice, in a reproduced replica of the Sako stock with a Sako buttplate or pad & grip cap, checkered to match Sako checkering & then shoot it to your hearts content for somewhere between $2500 & $3500. BTW, that's probably a lot less than the unit cost Beretta could produce them for. In fact you can buy one right now from "The Custom Shop" in Montana. Check there prices out!!!!! They would probably build one right now any way you like. Just get your check book out & stop dreaming, you can make it happen!!!! Beretta is NEVER going to reproduce these old models. They can't!! Not a big enough market & the tooling & production costs would be prohibitive. Just sayin'. But, like all of us Sakoholics, it is nice to dream.
Hi everyone. Just some additional thoughts on the subject of a run of L461 Actions by Beretta. Its probably not as unrealistic of a thought as one might think. First we aren't just talking about U.S. consumption so lets not forget our Sako Buddies in other countries. Secondly, with the computer capabilities we have today, Ide bet that parts could be easily scanned and automated machinery spun up to produce any given number of them. Actions could be easily forged and machined as well. Problem is the time in human terms that it would take to inspect, fit, polish and assemble the product. To be profitable something on the order of 10k actions and twice that for individual parts would have to be produced, stored, shipped and sold. So the holdback is really a question of demand. Is there enough demand for this stuff on a world wide basis to justify actually doing it and what impact would such an initiative have on the production and sales of current models? Unfortunately we will never know the answers but it would be great to see a resurrection of the oldies but goodies.

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