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Calling all members about a future L46!

Sako Collectors Club Discussion Forum

Which SCC L46 would you like to own??

  • Sporter 7x33

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Mannlicher 7x33

    Votes: 21 17.1%
  • Sporter .25-20

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • Mannlicher .25-20

    Votes: 4 3.3%
  • Sporter .218Bee

    Votes: 10 8.1%
  • Mannlicher .218Bee

    Votes: 9 7.3%
  • Sporter .22Hornet

    Votes: 15 12.2%
  • Mannlicher .22Hornet

    Votes: 14 11.4%
  • Deluxe 7x33 or .25-20 or.218Bee or .22Hornet

    Votes: 45 36.6%

  • Total voters


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Hey all!

There is a huge interest in the L46 series here and I have had a crazy idea in the back of my mind for a while.

When I saw a post here on the board today I thought I´d check the interest for such a thing to happen.

Take this for what it is as it probably is like chasing for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I suspect one has to order quite a lot of rifles to make anything like this happen so I´ll set up a poll to check the interest.
Let´s say we could pull this off and that each members could order just one SCC L46, which model and caliber would you choose?

This is just for fun right now but if many enough is interested I will take it from there and I will try to contact Finland about it.

Me myself would opt for a Mannlicher in 7x33, cased with original peep sight.

Mind you, if this is to become real, expect them to be EXPENSIVE!

Edit: But I opted for a Deluxe in 7x33!

Great subject, and I'd love to have a re-issued L46 in any caliber, but especially one of the rarer ones like .218 or .25-20.

However, I have my doubts, even if money were no object, that today's Sako plant could produce an L46. There was a lot of hand machining on the L46 and today's Sakos are likely made by a combination of investment casting and CNC machining. I'm not sure if the L46 design is adaptable to such manufacturing methods.

But another thought I have had is that the P94 action (which I assume was designed for CNC production) could easily be adapted to small centerfire cartridges like the Bee, the Hornet, or even the 5.7 FN -- wouldn't that be a little honey!
Can only vote for one??? Ohhhh man, that is SO cruel !! OK, 7x33 fullwood, but a carbine - has to be a carbine. And as I have said before, resurrecting older models isnt all that hard in todays era of CNC mills and lathes and EDM (wire cutter) machines. The reintroduction of the Winchester 92/86 and 1885 single shot models is a case in point. Browning 1885, Browning Model 71's in 348 and various others were always sought after. As an amateur machinist with a well set up workshop in my garage believe me when I say making a bolt action would be a walk in the park compared to a lever action like the Browning B92's I have in 357 and 44 (faithful copies of the Winchester 1892). All a manufacturer has to do is be convinced there is a market (and therefore a profit) - the rest will follow. And FWIW, I'll take Fullwood carbines in ALL calibres except 222 (why no 222Mag on the list Jim???) as I already have one of those. And the reason there is so much interest in the L46 is simple (in my opinion) - they were beautifully made and finished once you got to about 5 digit serial numbers, perfectly balanced, as lightweight as possible (no "fat" anywhere) and incredibly accurate - in the 60's in Australia benchrest matches were won with standard L461's with big scopes and careful handloads.
The 7x33 in Mannlicher would be my choice. I would be happy with a 20" barrel. Can't you just imagine how good it would be to carry in the field! There's no harm in dreaming!!!!!
Also where's the .32-20 option? :)

I'd even settle for a new sako 85 barvarian chambered in a hornet or 7x33. Imagine how many rounds you could fit in that detachable mag. on an 85 with the hornet!

One can only add 10 different choices in a poll on this forum software, hence the limitations.
Edit! And I can´t count it seems as there are 9 options to choose from! Post here in the thread if you want a L469!

I didn´t add the .32-20 as I beleive we have to look at that caliber as a special run or maybe a prototype, as well as with the .22Vierlings that are out there.

The .222RemMag could be a contender later on perhaps if people want that one.

So keep adding your Polls and please post here if you have additional rifles/models you would like to add.

All the best to all of you!

I chose the Mannlicher in .22 hornet...I am lured to the 7x33 but the hornet is perfect! Carbine (20") length is fine but a full length barrel wouldn't bother me either!~Bloo
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Come on now Guys!

Out of nearly 4000 members only 24 want to have a SCC L46 made up?:shocked:

You got to be kiddin!?!?

I want two or three and I suspect the other 23 guys wants a few each but that´s only about 40-50 rifles.

Any more interest or should I bury this project?:goodnight:

I am shocked as well by the lack of response. Maybe it's that they feel it is an impossible dream. With enough orders I bet you could get Beretta to make an 85 in some of the discontinued calibers as a Sako Club Commemorative model. Pricey!!! Just saying.
I would take a 223 any day - I have an old Riihimaki serial 192xx that I'm restoring.

It was my dads, the action has been sitting in a box in the cupboard for 30 years.

I just have a issue about how to fit a 233 in the clip.
You will need a L469 or a L46 that was modified for the 222 Rem Mag to use the 223 Rem. The standard L46 will not work. That's why it's not an option in the poll.
Hey Binny, these questions and comments are for another place. Jim is seriously trying to get a limited run of L46's going so please limit this poll to that subject.
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If you are hoping to talk Sako into doing a limited run of SCC Commemoratives I dont think there is much chance of 7x33's, 218 Bee or 25/20's. My guess is Sako "might" consider a Hornet or a 222 if there were firm orders for a reasonable number - say 100? And if it was a SCC Commemorative I would also think Sako would want to "Deluxe" it. To my way of thinking a 222, while nice, would not have the appeal of the other calibres. Also, Sako would be already set up to do a run of Hornets as they would still have the tooling. Personally, I think if Sako ran off a few hundred 7x33's they would sell out in no time as people always want something different. Good luck with this, I hope you make it happen.

PS - I am staggered L46 has been silent on this post - I can only assume his computer is broken or his wife has found his stash of L46's .......... in which case I'd better do a ring around the local hospitals and see if there is anything he needs!!
Also are we talking a left wing safety L46 or a right side? I think it should be the left wing, they are more slick looking:thumb:

Honestly, i think getting a run of l46's built by sako now would be a long shot at best, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong! I'd take one in any calibre they build, provided they were priced realistically.

I'd actually vote for a SCC commerative in the Sako 85 Barvarian mannlicher chambered in .22 hornet. It would be possible on their current machinary, and not that far out of their way that maybe they would possibly consider it.
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Jim, A great idea!
I would really like a carbine in 25-20, Hornet or 7x33 in that order.
Either way it would be awesome!
What's the first step, im in!
I would like a Deluxe- Mannlicher 25-20 or possibly .22 Hornet.
Questions-is the action of the Sako L46 copyright/patent protected? Is the Sako name for the L46 copyright/patent protected?

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