M75 Best mount solution for scope with Zeiss ZM/VM rail on Sako 75 (III) .22-250

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    I have a Sako 75 (III) Stainless in .22-250 and a scope with Zeiss ZM/VM rail.

    Which of the following mount solutions would garner the approval of the Esteemed Council of Wise Sako Owners ?

    1. Sako Optilock bases + EAW 13000 (jagdshop-online.de) [BH = 18.5mm]

    2. Sako Optilock bases + Recknagel 49045-0600 [BH = 19.5mm]

    3. Sako Optilock bases + Osuma adapters [BH = 18.5mm]

    4. EAW 1271-00314 (last 2 photos) [BH = 18mm]

    * For present purposes, cost considerations may be laid aside.

    Thanks Optilock bases.jpg EAW 13000.jpg Recknagel 49045-0600.jpg Osuma.jpg EAW 1271-00314 (photo 1).jpg EAW 1271-00314 (photo 2).jpg
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