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    Hi to all, Been a while since posted, been out hunting most weekends, taken a few Sambar this year Stalking, which is the way I Hunt.
    Just thought I would post a pic of this Sambar Stag I took this morning, 07.00, approx. 120 yards shot across gully, could only see his dark mane/massive neck, went for low neck/high shoulder shot, using Winchester Silver Tip projectiles that I pulled from a couple of packets that I found and reloaded them with my preferred powder charge.
    Taken with my Sako AV in .30/06, using my shooting sticks, fell on the spot and rolled down steep incline. He measured 21” the long
    Gets side, massive body, and in the rut, as he was very smelly. There was a young hanging around, so I would think the Hind would have been close too, as he was doing the usual “you can’t see me” Standing behind a bush!
    BTW the bolt is open on the rifle in the picture!
    Hope other Hunters are having success and using their Sakos.


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