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- I shoot left handed using standard right hand models. Which Sakos come with neutral cast, without grip bulge, Monte Carlo stock etc…? I found an early 22ppc vixen that is configured this way - which other models? Bolt action only. Thanks!


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Hi Clayton!
I too am left eye dominant & shoot lefty. In older models I did not find many left hand rifles, but occasionally one shows up. The newer model 85 rifles seem to have more lefty rifles available, buy some say they have several unpleasant flaws in them? I never owned one, but some of our members dispute that they have flaws. However they are being dropped from production? Lefty older model Sakos can be had, just keep looking at the usual selling sites & some will show up. Hope this helps, B/T


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None of the L-series and A-series with triangular fore ends (those prior to the adoption of the "Hunter-style" stock) had a grip bulge (palm swell). The Monte Carlo on these earlier L's and A's had a LH cheekpiece for a RH shooter, but correspondingly, the plain RH side of the stock has about the same cast as the side with the cheekpiece. I am also a LH shooter who shoots only RH bolts and I have shot thousands of rounds from dozens of L- and A-series Sakos and found that they fit a LH shooter just fine.

Also, the "Classic" model Sakos were made with a straight stock and no Monte Carlo. You can find them in both the A-series and the 691-591-491 series that followed. You might look for one of those if you don't care for the Monte Carlo.