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Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by MDJ, Jul 6, 2020.

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    8AB20620-E84D-4E01-A373-4066F875407F.jpeg 24BDB43B-AB8D-4F15-9F79-7157C169EB54.jpeg 63FBF30E-37CB-4CAF-B5E6-DBF5916A0FE2.jpeg 2A8F1713-46F3-4A41-B6DC-A90BF6E9BDD1.jpeg I have an NIB white A3 action that I want to trade for a stainless steel new Remington 700 long action with a magnum bolt. I have cleaned the action of most of the dried oil but still shows stains from it. It could use a good soaking and cleaning before bluing. I am in the process of having an A2 with a Shilen barrel being blued and may be able to post pics later this week.


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