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    Hi there I just purchased a 85 finnlight 2 and after about a week of pulling my hair out trying to find the perfect scope for it I went with a Zeiss conquest V6 3-18x50, now I’m wondering two things and hope someone here has a answer for me... What is the best mounting system to use for this set up? And will going too low cause any ejection issues? Thanks ahead of time :)


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    Congratulations on acquiring a fine rifle and welcome to the SCC forum!

    You have several options regarding mounts for your scope. That's a 30mm. scope with an objective-bell diameter of 2.20", and so it will need to be mounted fairly high to clear the barrel. Thus, I wouldn't worry about ejection issues.

    There are the Sako Optilock mounts which use a base and ring setup. These are quite heavy, and many consider the use of a base on top of the tapered dovetails (which are already a base) as unnecessary and redundant. In addition, even the lowest Optilocks put the scope higher than generally necessary. Another option is the Leupold Ring Mount system. You'd likely need the Sako 30mm. high ring mounts for your scope. That version will put your scope high enough to clear the barrel, but not excessively high. These are good mounts and less complicated than the Sako Optilocks. For what it's worth, I think that's the option I'd go with. Here's a link to the Leupold website:


    There are other options for mounting a 30mm. scope on a Sako rifle, like the very-expensive EAW mounts, and likely some I don't know about. Other forumers will have additional ideas.
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