6.5CM load for my A7

Discussion in 'Hand loading your Sako' started by 6MT, May 23, 2020.

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    Here is my 6.5CM load for a factory Sako Roughtech Range...

    Brass: Lapua (SRP)
    Bullet: Lapua 136gr Scenar-L
    Primer: CCI BR4
    Powder: Varget 37.2gr
    Seating: .010" jump (ogive oal measurement: 2.281")
    Barrel: 25" Factory Sako 1:8"
    Velocity: 2723fps 10 shot Ave ES=9 SD=3.0
    Environmentals: temp=+21c, R.H.=42% ASL=683m wind=n/a

    This is a mild load showing only moderate velocity. I've stepped it out to 1100m, but unfortunately the limited scope spec's make it a difficult go beyond that. But I'm pleased because this is only a varmint rifle for me. But fun, none the less to experiment.

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