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  1. G

    Just snapped a couple of pics

    Just snapped a couple of pics of this L579 in 243WIN that arrived here today. Definitely a thing of simplicity and beauty that I thought you all might appreciate. Have an awesome day!
  2. P

    FS - .243 Win Moose Head FP L579 Deluxe

    Hi All, I've decided to part ways with another early L579 Forester Deluxe, this time in .243 Win. The gun features a one-piece bottom metal assembly (including the magazine), factory front iron sight with hood, and the rare MOOSE HEAD floorplate engraving. This rifle is in absolutely...
  3. Forester308

    AII DBM in L579

    Does anyone know if an AII 308 detachable box magazine will fit an L579 308 Forester action? Are certain A2's compatible and others not and how could I tell?
  4. M

    Sako 30-06, trying to find the model

    I have a Sako rifle, serial in the 100,000 - 110,000 range, 30-06 caliber. Going off the Sako website: www. sako.fi/sites/default/files/SakoOldmodelsNumbering.pdf This serial would match to an L579 or L461, neither of which were produced in 30-06. Any ideas what exactly I might have here?
  5. P

    L579 Fail To Feed

    My son's L579 will not feed the rounds if more than two are in the magazine. The bolt rides over the top of the brass instead of chambering the round, even with virgin Lapua brass. I looked through volumes 1-4 of Brownell's Gunsmith Kinks, and searched on line to avail. I've requested, and will...
  6. IslanderHighlander

    L57 Wandering Firing Pin Question

    Hello Everyone! I recently obtained an L57 which I like very much. It has one issue with the firing pin however. I noticed after cycling the bolt several times that the set screw, which stops the firing pin adjustment, had fallen out of the bottom of the bolt. In the time it was missing, the...
  7. F

    Sako L579 - Stock original?

    Bought this Sako sight unseen online and awaiting shipment. Can any L579 experts here tell me more about this from these photos? It says it has a 24.5" barrel, so I'm thinking either Varmint or has had it re-barreled. Stock seems like it might be a replacement? I'll report back with S/N when I...
  8. Forester308

    Sako L579 Forester .308 Detachable Box Magazine

    I'm looking for the Detachable Box Magazine (DBM) for my grandfather's L579 Forester .308 that he is passing down to me. Would be great if it was an OEM version but if anyone can point to me to any nice aftermarket ones that would be appreciated as well. I know they are rare but hoping to get...
  9. J

    Help please. L61r .300 win mag pre-Garcia stock

    Hello all! I’ve hunted with this rifle for the last 14 years. It belonged to a dear friend of mine who passed. I’m a hunting guide in west Texas and is always near by for the unexpected. Always has done its job flawlessly. The first year I had it, the stock cracked due To ”stress” from the...
  10. K

    Sako Forester L579, Swedish forest workhorse!

    Hello from Sweden! My first post here. Sako Forester L579 308 win Inherited this old workhorse from a relative a few years ago. It is my primary hunting rifle from fox to moose! Sako optilok QR mounts with 1.5-6x44 30mm scope tube perfect for swedish forest terrain. YES... the beartooth...
  11. M

    Sako Forester L579 Parts

    Here is a SAKO, L579 Forester, short action receiver, serial # 54948, it is currently registered as a 308 caliber, but can be used for a 243 build as well. The receiver appears to be in good condition except there are two screws that have the heads broken off - I did not attempt to...
  12. P

    Sako L579 Deluxe - 22-250 - Bofors

    Hey All - Came across the below auction recently. Pretty cool as I've never seen a Bofors Stamped 22-250 Deluxe. Always thought that stamp went away in '68 or '69 which, I thought was before this chambering was offered. Who knows though! Sako Forester L579 Bolt Action Rifle .22-250 |...
  13. S

    L579 forrester stock

    I have a n.i.b. L579 and was going to make a second custom, (the first I did last year, awesome shooter in .260). This one was going to be a clone of sorts, but in 284 win. I called up McMillan to order the same stock as last time and they apparently were sold in January and no longer inlet for...
  14. B

    L46 and L579 Scope Rings

    I'm restoring my fathers L579 Sako Forrester and want to upgrade the scope rings to hold a 30mm Nightforce scope (NX8 4-32x50) It seems Leupold makes a Sako mount (Leupold SKU: 175121) that fits directly on the base of the Sako action. I have not posted enough to include links to my fathers...
  15. 7

    Barrel thread specs?

    L57 =? L579 =? AII =? I have some barrel swap potential, but I want to ensure that the threads will match. I do have and will employ headspace gauges.
  16. J

    Question reguarding L579 Bolt

    Hello, I have acquired a L579 in 22-250 that has a missing its bolt, I have read on previous forums that a A1 or A11 bolt will fit the rifle. I have found a .243 in a A11 locally for a reasonable price. Would the bolt out the A11 fit, and has anybody tried to do swap bolts between each series...
  17. CodeRed

    Inherited a Forester L579 .22-250. Share what you know!

  18. D

    Sako L579 .243. I recently inherited an older 243, serial number, 18,XXX.

    The rifle did not have the two thin metal washers that fit between the action and the stock. Are these necessary? Can I find replacements? Thanks
  19. M

    Found this today

    I found this 24" barreled action (L579 Forester 308) this afternoon while sorting through some rifle cases. The bore is incredibly clean and shiny. I would love some opinions on stocks. If I don't run across the original stock, will it be difficult to find an original, or should I look into an...
  20. P

    A couple of .244 Remingtons

    Hi All, I recently picked up a gorgeous pair of .244 Remingtons from one of our fellow forum members. One is a L57 standard sporter (not Bofors stamped) and the other an early L579 "long barrel" mannlicher (Bofors stamped). Both in excellent condition in my opinion. Thanks. - Paul B.

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