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    Finnwolf .308 , took it for a walk today...

    Funny that as unusual as the Finnwolf is, this is the third factory lefty stock I've seen. Just my guess, but I would imagine that a lefty would rather have a lever gun than a RH bolt gun for hunting, so they might have had a high demand for lefty stocks.
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    Anyone Want to Buy a Finnwolf Collection?

    He won't break up the collection... but at over 10-grand he might break up a marriage. (late post, I know)
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    Finnwolf .308 , took it for a walk today...

    Gloriously beautiful weather today, took several rifles out for some fresh air. Sighted thisVL63 in at 100 for hunting. Can get two holes to touch out of the box of four, even at 4X-power. Next year, I need to strip this and refinish. The varnish is dark and heavy and the wood underneath is too...
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    Black Bear hunting

    Bear meat is great and no danger if you cook it well. Just get the meat cooled as soon as possible, which means field dressing if you can. Also means that you have to have plenty of ice in camp or a refrigerator nearby. You can hang it to cool down if it's cold, but in grizzly territory, that's...
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    VL63 Help with my VL63

    Yes. Look at the Weaver factory chart of bases and rails. You will see the Finnwolf listed as a #53, Weaver part 48053, and then scroll all the way down to Winchester and it is the same. I used a weaver style rail from a different manufacturer, labelled for a Winchester 88, and it's exactly right.
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    L61R AV Barrel Shim, Fiberglass Stock, .375

    Here’s an L61 AV from more or less 1992. It has the unsightly but stealthy black fiberglass stock. The stock is surprisingly rigid. It only has one shim under the front lug. None in the rear. Is it missing one in the rear? Or was this just to float the barrel? I can’t tell if the shim was...
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    VL63 Help with my VL63

    All good news. I have seen Finnwolfs with the side mounting screws as well, I was glad to see that the holes were factory, not some blasphemous hack job. I bought the rail for a Winchester 88, that's how I found one to fit. I did not consider that the peep sight set up would come out to be...
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    VL63 Help with my VL63

    Thanks, you guys are quick with good advice.! No I'm not lefty, but the stock is. The great beauty of a lever action is that it still works fine for a right handed shooter. I believe the stock is factory, the checkering looks spot on to the factory work . Maybe I'll trade with a lefty shooter...
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    VL63 Help with my VL63

    Hi Guys! Long time lurker, love my Sakos. Need some help here. Got this VL63 a year or two back. Had a very professional stock repair done, can't even see the mark. Now I need to take off the old varnish that some idiot slathered on it a couple of decades ago.. In any case, I would love to...
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    New guy, long time Sako fan. Howdy All!

    I collect a lot of different kinds of guns, long and short, but my Sako rifles are among the most elegant stuff I own. Love the feel the balance and the accuracy. I'll post some pics soon.

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