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    Several guns in one?

    If that rifle was inspected and shipped in 1967 or 68, I too believe it could be original. But if it was inspected and shipped much earlier , say 1964 to 66, it seems very unlikely that the push button round tang bottom metal is original to that rifle.
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    Collectors of Old Catalogs

    When I was looking at my early FI catalogs for the machined trigger guard and found it in the 1957 catalog, I came across a 1957 retail price sheet and also a special 1957 price sheet for U.S. Forces. I was pleased to see how great a price our military personnel were offered to purchase an L46...
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    Collectors of Old Catalogs

    Yes, and the 1966 also. Are you looking for the Finnwolf Deluxe info contained in the catalog?
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    Collectors of Old Catalogs

    I looked at my early FI catalogs to see what year the replacement machined trigger guard was first offered for the L46, and it was 1957. All I have for 1958 is a FI flyer and all it shows is the L57 Forester. My 1959 FI catalog is the first to refer to the L46 as a Vixen. The 59 also shows the...
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    Rarest Cal L61R

    The Bofors stamped 264 Deluxe is at the top or very close to being the most desirable L61R.But to give you just a small snapshot for the early L61's, I was at the Tulsa gun show this past weekend and saw 3 Bofors 264 Deluxes for sale. Two had the 26" barrel, the other 24.4". They ranged from...
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    Rarest Cal L61R

    If you're talking about L61R's with barrels that are not marked Bofors that were produced after 1969, I don't know the answer. If you're talking about the early L61R's that were made from 1961 to about 1969 with barrels that are stamped Bofors, I really can't answer which caliber is the rarest...
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    Another L579 Mannlicher

    Yeah, but who wants to take out a bank loan to but one of his stocks?
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    Silence is Golden

    Who did he shoot? ;)
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    Opinions on a nice SAKO Riihimaki

    I need a few pictures with better focus...I wouldn't bet money, but I think it is a survivor. I looked hard and couldn't see a Bofors mark on the barrel in photo 7, but I'm thinking it's could be too blurry to see. Love the blonde wood.
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    Sako P72 trigger question(s)

    Think of it this way Bloo, the approximate total number of Sakos produced in 218 Bee, 22 Hornet and 25-20 combined is slightly over 3000 rifles.
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    Silence is Golden

    Paulson, I think it is a great topic, But my reason is somewhat selfish. I'm all for suppressors, as long as they're not on most all Sako's and a whole bunch of other collectible rifles. I can hardly stand to think about adding a suppressor to any pre72 Sako unless it's dogged out and about all...
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    Look at it this way. The 30-06 was either the top seller per year or very close to it for almost 60 years before the 7mm Rem. Mag was introduced in 1962. Then 40 years later at the peak of the 7 mm Rem Mag they were writing articles saying the Remington 7mm mag might be the caliber to catch up...
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    I've never seen an unshrouded bolt on a Safari either, and all of the early production Safaris I've held and admired (including two 300 Win. Mags) were AIV actions. I don't remember paying attention to the shrouds or lack of them back then. My interest was in owning a 7mag Safari that kept...
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    I too like the small caliber Safari rifles. When I picked up my 1980 Stoeger catalog and saw the new Sako Safari grade rifle, I immediately wanted one in 7 mag. That first year or so, I saw a couple of Sako 300 Win. Mag in Safari grade and it made me look harder for one in 7 mag. But I never...
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    Spaher, I hate to say, but I think Covid was the opportunity Leupold needed to get out from under their fantastic and rare, send us your broken leupold (even if you're not the original buyer) and we'll fix or replace it free with like or similar kind guarantee. When they scaled back for Covid...
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    I'm kinda late to this party, and I've been trying to come up with my own witty comment and all I've been able to come up with is this weak response, so here goes: Regarding guns, for 65 plus years I've pretty well liked them all......dogs and all. Reading everyone's comments here, remind me of...
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    Strange L579 Mannlicher on GB

    A benefit of all the internet, and forums and other advancements over the last 30 or so years is that we have "discovered" a lot of rare and unusual Sakos! The first Deluxe Mannlicher I heard of was a 243 long tube L579 rifle in the 1996 RI auction. It was one of the many rare and unusual rifles...
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    L61R date?

    Looking at some of my L61R's to provide an idea of when your L61R ser. 359xx Finnbear may have been made, my snap shot of a few rifles are as follows. Inspected Date - Serial Number June 1965 - 1368x February 1966 - 1360x October 1966 - 257xx September 1968 - 329xx ...
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    Meaningless GB Auctions

    Always supply and demand. There is a huge supply of most Winchester pre64 model 70, and an adequate supply of most rare ones if you're willing to pay the price. And there's a huge crowd always looking to buy them. They do fluctuate some, but the up cycles are always strong. IMHO, Sako has a...
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    Sako's Use of the "Finnbear" Label

    Do you know the caliber?