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    Cool Sako information from 1958

    244heavyl579, Great post, really enjoyed looking at the pictures and the story. Your Grandpa knew quality and looked after it, Enjoy it, but take it Hunting ,......... Jay
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    XenForo 2 upgrade

    Ah well. Where would we be without IT people,,!! We will have to get used to it. Took me 3 try’s to log in!? I saw it first this morning while having breakfast at 05.30 before I went out for a Hunt. When I scrolled down and I saw that abomination of a latest model Sako model pictures...
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    "Pre-Sako" Beretta-Sako

    Impressive—— great find Jay
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    Bumbling Idiot!

    I have a Weaver the same, in VG condition as a spare in my safe, yes they are an “icon” - they don’t make like that any more. You Never see anything like that come up for sale here, because there is none!!!!! Jay
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    What Sako Caliber is Least in Demand?

    Yep, Leupold have been “sucked in” and have “ lost the plot”, that’s why whenever an older Leupold comes up on the used gun sites for sale, you have got to be quick to get it it!!!! Some marketeer has infiltrated them !!!! N the Bean counters have been sucked in........ As for the title of this...
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    Kimber M89 BGR

    Hi Icebear, Just re the bedding job on the BGR, everyone has their way of doing it, just to compare the job done on a L61R I used to have, which I consider Excellant , in the pic attached. I also had to pull apart the other day, a Kimber 8400 Classic, and it was nearly the same as my old L61R...
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    Gun Show Report: Huge SAR Show in Phoenix

    Hi Icebear, great write up, ... enjoyed the read.... ya gotta be there, you just never know what gem you could find. Jay
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    Seeking history and valuation on my L61R 30.06 #30441

    Geez..... I hope you take the advice........ Jay
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    Sako 30-06, trying to find the model

    Just a question re action, is it a controlled round feed rifle like Mauser actions, ?? Jay
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    Sako Rifles Afield (as intended)

    Out late arvo yesterday, called in this fat Vixen, to about 80 yards, 50 gn Hornady soft point from the A1 did the job, scope is an older VX3 3.5-10x40. Great walkabout outfit. Plenty of grass this year and water! Jay
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    Hanco's GA Sako Floorplate Design

    I like the Engravers name,!,,, Looks good. Jay
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    Sako Rifles Afield (as intended)

    AV bringing home the bacon ( ahh Venison! ) Carting out a young eater from a gully in some farm fringe country, second one this year...... Young Nobby Sambar taken with the Sako AV in .30/06 using old Winchester 180 gn. Silver Tip bullets. Jay
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    Sako Handy Fiber

    These pics are out of a Sako 1991 catalogue, says barrel is 490mm - = 19 1/4” Jay
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    Bloody hell!!!!!! Steve will know what I mean!!
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    Help decoding this rifle.

    Sako Hunter, KC yep that was a bit of a “wank” I know of owner’s that became paranoid about losing the key!!!! It seems that Beretta are starting to go thru another one of their “Brain wave?” Periods - we’ve had it with the S20 n now they are going with the M100!!?? Jay
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    Short Actions Long extractor?

    Hello Members, I was not able to find an answer for this on a search, but I’m sure I have read it somewhere?? When did Sako stop producing the long extractor on the L461 action? Thanks, Jay
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    AV question

    Hello Members, Did the AV with the “fishbone” checkering s/n 570xxx have the palm swell and the Sako No. 4 trigger? Just looking at one now. Thanks - Jay
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    Magnum action

    Thanks Stone......
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    Magnum action

    This May have been covered before but I would like to know, will an 8 mm Rem Mag cartridge be able to fit in the magazine box of a magnum action L61R ( eg. A 7 mm Rem Mag)? I am thinking of rebarrel to the 8mm RM. Thanks for any help ...... Jay
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    Lost Bolts!

    I’m not sure if the para cord can save all bolts going missing!! 15 or so years ago, the best one I’ve heard a local guy about these parts had a pretty fiery! It seems bust up with his missus, he came home one day and went to get a SAko out of the safe, both his Sako rifles had the bolts missing...