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  1. icebear

    Tell me about the "Vixen" models

    Here's a photo of an L461 heavy barrel in .222 Magnum with a Leupold 12x - 40mm scope in original Sako rings. I agree with Stonecreek - this combination requires high rings if the scope is going to clear. I think the 12x has the same objective diameter as the 24x but I am not sure.
  2. icebear

    My 264 Win Mag L61R 2080

    I agree. Wood that nice is seldom seen on a standard grade.
  3. icebear

    North America Arms (Canada) Sakos

    Very interesting. Hope our members in Canada can provide some information.
  4. icebear

    Bulged Bottom Metal

    The short answer is yes. Fortunately, Sako made these parts from a steel that is relatively ductile and resilient. I've bent several of them back into shape. Requires some skill, but it isn't rocket science.
  5. icebear

    Sako Fullstocks

    Bloo Your L46 is remarkably similar to mine, right down to the long-tube Weaver with the complicated captive-ring adjuster for the objective. Only differences I can see are that yours has the Sako marked safety, where mine is the later type, and you have two-piece rings while mine are one-piece.
  6. icebear

    Sako Fullstocks

    The L579 full-length rifle with a Mannlicher-style stock is rare, especially in .308. Most of them were chambered for .243. The one-piece stock is a rare bird indeed; the overwhelming majority had two-piece stocks. A .243 Mannlicher with one-piece stock, in excellent condition, recently sold for...
  7. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    These on my Model 63 Kit Gun are quite similar in shape. I don't recall the brand but they have a sticker that says Made in Philippines. They are comfortable and they fit my hand. I prefer something that isn't so wide at the base, but I couldn't pass up this K-22. My favorite revolver grips...
  8. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    Mighty fancy grips there, pardner!
  9. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    Here too. Several years ago my neighbor called the fire department to get rid of a pair of rattlesnakes that were mating on their patio. The two were so attached to each other that they didn't even let go when the fireman picked them up with a snake hook and dumped them in the box.
  10. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    With regard to range and shot dispersion, I am not going to shoot a snake unless he's close enough that: 1) I can be sure it's a rattler and not a gopher snake, a similiar-looking snake that you want to stick around; and 2) it's too close for comfort. If the snake is 10 feet away, I'll give it...
  11. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    A few years ago I was helping to clean up the estate of a guy who was more of a gun accumulator than a collector, and there was a bag of those 9mm shot shells. Took me a while to figure out what they were. Managed to sell them at a gun show - some guy actually had one of the guns.
  12. icebear

    Snake Shot?

    Anybody have experience with pistols and shot capsules for snakes and rodents? I need to go patrol my girlfriend's property for pack rat nests and I thought of packing my .22 S&W Kit Gun loaded with shot caps, just in case I get lucky and see a rat (unlikely, they're nocturnal, but you never...
  13. icebear

    Me podrían ayudar a saber año de fabricación, modelo y calibre ? Gracias

    If the barrel is original, the caliber is marked on top of the barrel just in front of the action. Most L57 rifles were made in .243. The rifle in the photo has an inlaid diamond decorating the stock. This was not done at the factory. If you post more photos, we can tell you if the original...
  14. icebear

    Sako Worthy

    We could use some here in Arizona!
  15. icebear

    Sako Introduces New Model 90

    The M55/M65 used the same dovetail but the rings were indexed with a large-headed screw. I don't know exactly when Sako started using the Tikka rail on one of its models and added the pin to the Tikka rings. Yes, my memory was incorrect. It is the TRG-21, etc. sniper rifles that have a Tikka...
  16. icebear

    Sako Introduces New Model 90

    Recent Tikka rings and Optilock bases have a removable indexing pin. I believe this was introduced so the rings would interchange with the Sako TRGS guns, which have Tikka rails and holes for the indexing pins. So, what Sako has done is take the TRGS setup and expand it to the entire line...
  17. icebear

    Pee Fifty-Phoria

    The P54 Deluxe is absolutely stunning. I've never seen one before.
  18. icebear

    Bulged Bottom Metal

    Hideous. This common problem is the result of ignorance - but, let's face it, there's a design flaw at the root of it. The stamped-metal magazine boxes of Sakos built between the 1960's and the 1990's tend to be loose in their brackets. When the bottom metal assembly is inserted into the stock...
  19. icebear

    Sakos & Game Fall 2022

    I had no idea. Thanks for posting.
  20. icebear

    Sako ringmount heights

    It's a V8, but it's about 291 c.i. A mechanic told me that it's actually a Mercedes engine, built during the period when Mercedes owned Chrysler. My Dakota also has a 5-speed manual transmission and 4-wheel drive. I plan to keep it forever.