What is thew value of my SAKO

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  1. ray8721

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    This is the SAKO Riihimaki 22 Hornet I have and would like to know more about. I know my Dad said it was made in the 40's and I was offered $250 from a friend for it, but I don't want to give it away. Does anyone know more about this gun, or have an idea of what it is worth? I have more pictures if needed...
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    PM sent
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    ray: Can you provide the serial #? Most 22 Hornet production occurred between 1949 and 1958 and the serial # will place the date of your rifle and provide other helpful information in determining value. The Hornet along with the 222 Remington made up the first Sako commercial offerings in 1949. Others here know these early Riihimaki rifles well and can add more color.
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    Ray8721: Sent you a PM (personal message). Just click on "Message" on the upper right of the forum screen.
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    You have an L46 full stock rifle with a 23.5" barrel. Without a better look at it and possibly the serial number, it is impossible to say the year of manufacture, but it certainly could be as early as the late 1940's. If so, it will have the "short" magazine and a safety lever on the left hand side. If it has the rolling safety on the right hand side, then it is likely from the early 1950's. Post some close up photos of the action and the stamping on its right hand side if you can.

    At any rate, it is worth considerably more than $250 and I'm sure that several people here (including me[​IMG]) would love to buy it from you. I'd suggest that you post it for sale here on this forum and take offers for a few days. You can take the best offer that comes your way and can be pretty satisfied that you have sold it for a fair market value.
  6. wildbill

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    At the price he offered,he is not your friend.

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