vixen deluxe l461 223 value

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  1. airdad

    airdad New Member

    ok i have had this gun for 20 plus years.

    have 2 sons that both want it but?what it worth.

    l461 no 7767x on reciever

    barrel on right side says B bofors Steel B

    has front sight with original hood

    acorn silver engraving on triger gaurd and mag floor plate.

    s shape floor plate release

    blond stock with rosewood end cap and a bear head look on grip cap.

    were cal is says


    cal 223 right next to action under scope.

    deergoose saw comment i made this week end and asked for pictures and price.

    sent him pictures.

    as for price all its worth plus.

    blue 90 /95% little wear at end of barrel.

    some small dings in stock, as i carried this to shoot rabbits and pd many many years a go.

    will try to post some better pictures than i sent goose

    any help will be apreciated.

    may sell

    from what iv read whom knows years.

    hate to remove from stock to see imported.
  2. deergoose

    deergoose Active Member

    Got the pics, thanks for the info !

    yes, a Bofors marked .223 deluxe is a tuff find, indead. There was a clean one, pre-Garcia that sold for over $3k earlier this year. Your rifle is probably worth north of $1400, with the caliber bringing in that much, condition will command more premium than that. If you want to sell, I would try here on the board first for a private (and easier) sale. If you want the whole world to get a crack at buying it, put it up on auction starting at a penny. Again, caliber is the best thing going for your rifle, but in the end, condition and originality means 'everything' with our rifles.

    I was hoping to find a .223dlx with a unique floorplate engraving. Always looking for configs that I don't already own. Good luck, should be fun since you're on the selling end.

  3. airdad

    airdad New Member

    here are pictures this gun is how it has been in the safe for atleast 15 years.
    has not been cleaned yet.

    ps front sling swivel was changed so bypod could be used.

    will look for original swivel.
  4. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    I agree that a Bofors-marked .223, especially in the Deluxe, is a rare find. However, insofar as "collectors" are concerned, to the extent there are such in the Sako realm, condition is even more important than rarity. Your rifle is in good used condition and certainly not abused, but it shows more use than most collectors will tolerate. Also, as with many Deluxes of the pre-Garcia era, this one "suffers" from rather plain wood. The quality of the wood on Deluxes is very important to Sako "collectors" and "acquirers".

    Yes, it has the Bofors mark, which is scarce in this caliber, but the caliber itself is not at all scarce which somewhat offsets that factor. It is in good, clean condition, but shows use. I would say that (without the scope) it worth at least $1,000 due to the Bofors mark, and maybe some bit more. But it won't bring what a pristine example with highly figured wood might bring. If it were me, I would give it to my sons and instruct that they share it and keep it as a family heirloom. It's something that your grandchildren will be proud to have around.
  5. enotstehw

    enotstehw Member

    I'm leaning closer to Deergoose on the value.
    If you don't need the cash . . . set on it . . . it will only go up in value.
    If both son's want it . . . great.
    That will give you an excuse to buy another Deluxe for the other boy.
    Then you will know the value.
    P.S. Store it in your safe . . . barrel down to keep the recoil pad from collapsing.
  6. scj

    scj New Member

    So how about an almost identical rifle in similar condition, with the exception of Colt Manufacturing on the side instead of Sako. Bought it new in 1972 for a lot less than today's prices. Does the fact it was imported and sold by Colt affect the value to any degree?
    Thanks, scj
  7. rowdy

    rowdy Moderator

    I'm with Rick. If the budget allows keep it and let the boys share it. Maybe find another match and then both sons will have one each.

    All the best

  8. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    SCJ: In my opinion, a Coltsman Deluxe is worth a bit more than a Sako Deluxe simply because of its relative scarcity and its connection to an iconic American manufacturer. You don't say, but I'm assuming that your Colt does not have the Bofors mark?

    Again, condition is " everything", with the appeal of the wood being "the rest". The percentage of the value that is lost due to usage wear is actually greater with a Deluxe than with a standard, and similarly, "plain" wood hurts a Deluxe more than it does a standard.
  9. scj

    scj New Member

    Stonecreek, thanks for the reply. It has Bofors Steel stamped between 2 B's with arrows through them. The serial # is 685xx which puts it's manufacture date in the late 60's according to what info I have dug up. When I said I bought it new in 1972 I actually bought it from a Gun Collectors estate in unfired condition.
    It is in fairly good shape, with a couple of small dings in the stock, and very good bluing. The worst part is the mashed recoil pad from standing on end. It has had less than a hundred rounds through it. It does have different engraving on the trigger guard and magazine door. Part of it is a rearing horse and 2 pine trees.
    Thanks, scj
  10. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    Crushed pads are, unfortunately, all too common with Sakos of that era. Not your fault. A good one (with the proper chemical composition and curing) won't crush no matter how many years it sits on its butt, and a bad one will deform even if you hang the gun on the wall. I consider a "good" pad as a bonus, and a deformed one to be expected. I don't discount a gun for a pad showing some deformation until the pad is in such bad shape that it needs to be replaced prior to shooting the gun. By the way, how is your pad marked?

    Many of the Coltsman rifles had barrels and stocks on Sako actions from the U.S. fabricator, which I suspect was High Standard. But it sounds like you have one of the Colts that was completely manufactured by Sako -- clearly the barrel and action were, and from the examples of stocks I've seen I believe those were also. In my opinion (for what it's worth, and opinions are both inexpensive and undependable) a full-Sako Coltsman Deluxe is even more desirable than its counterpart in a Sako-branded rifle. That Rampant Colt logo on the floorplate engraving is highly regarded. In fact, you need to post a photo of your floorplate in the "photos" section where other deluxe floorplate designs are illustrated. You have a great piece of property there.
  11. scj

    scj New Member

    I feel better after reading your reply. I stored the gun laying down most of the time, And I swear the pad deformed storing it this way. The pad looks like the one on my L61, serial # 380xx, but is also marked with the Colt info. the rampant Colt is cool looking, and it adds something different to my collection.
    I'm not sure what you are asking. The barrel has all the Sako markings excluding the name, which was replaced by the Colt name. The action has all the Sako proof's, and is stamped L461. I find it hard to believe that Sako would put their proof's and use their action with an inferior barrel. This rifle looks as close to the one above without being it, I doubt it has any non-Sako components. I don't have a target, but I now have an excuse to go shooting this week-end. I'll post it when I do, if it's any good.
    As far as posting pictures, I have a bunch, including some relating to an alternate thread. Now all I need is someone to explain to a computer illiterate how to. I've tried to find info with no luck, so it's time for one of you who knows the right way to step in and explain the process in easy to understand terms. You know, like the Dick and Jane level.
    Thanks, scj
  12. enotstehw

    enotstehw Member

    Your the man . . . that's what I want to hear. Let me know how she does.
  13. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    There are two ways. The "better" way is probably to upload the photos to a service like Photobucket, Kodak, or similar. Those services usually provide limited free space, but with Photobucket the free space has been all I've needed. Once a photo is uploaded, all you have to do is copy and paste the "img" file into your text here on the "reply" box and it will show up as a photo.
    The other way is to use the very limited server space here on the SCC forum by clicking on 'upload files' right below the reply box. That will allow you to upload a photo directly from your computer to the Lefora server. Be sure to resize any photo you upload this way to about 680x400 or whatever to keep the space it uses to a minimum.
  14. scj

    scj New Member

    Thanks Stonecreek, we're on our way.
    I've got the Kodak Gallery set up, with a few pictures loaded into it. How do I find the img. file to copy and paste. When I click on the picture it gives the option to copy the image location. I tried this an it didn't work. Either I did it wrong or I did the wrong action, so kick me over the hill so I can get them loaded. I have several Sakos I want to show off, and this seems the place to do it.
    Thanks, scj
  15. S-A

    S-A Super Moderator

    You should just be able to post the link to your gallery and that should do it. All can access it from a regular posting area like this. Just be sure to highlight it with the tool in the tool bar. If you don't, others will have to cut and paste the link into their browser.
    Looking forward to it.
  16. scj

    scj New Member

  17. airdad

    airdad New Member

    that looks like a good bear gun. or bare gun

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