Tikka M65 Deluxe in 308

Discussion in 'Valmet & Tikka' started by woodbeef, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. woodbeef

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    Anyone have one of these? I just picked up one. It has the blued bolt and rounded forend. So I figure it's one of the later ones made after the Sako take over.
  2. Pete G

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    Tikka 308

    The short action Tikka of that generation was a model 55.......model 65 was the long action.
    You have a nice rifle..........my 55 deluxe in 243 is pretty much my favourite in the safe.......you are going to like the trigger/action on yours.
    They were made pre Sako.
    Merry Christmas.

    PS .......I am looking for a m65 deluxe in 270 to go with my 243.........let me know if you see one which might be available.
  3. The LSA 65 (long action) & the LSA 55 (short action) were made by Tikka when they were independent of Sako. If yours is in 308 Win it is a LSA 55. The first Tikkas made under the Sako umbrella were the Models 558 & 658, which had the polymer bolt sleeve. If memory serves me correctly this was in the late 80's or early 90's. The were succeeded by the Models 595 & 695, which have since been replaced by the T3. The T3 comes in only one action length (long) regardless of caliber.
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