Sako vixen l461 bolt

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  1. pahoghunter

    pahoghunter New Member

    Hi I'm new to the site and I have a question, I just saw a sale listing today and it listed for sale a SAKO VIXEN L461 222 MAGNUM missing the bolt. Can a bolt be had and at what cost? thanks BOB
  2. grizzlyone

    grizzlyone New Member

    Even if you found a bolt and that won't be easy, you would have to check the head space and there a good chance the head space would not be correct. Then you have to get a gunsmith involved. Unless you can get the rifle for next to nothing I would keep looking, Grizz.
  3. gunner620

    gunner620 Member

    pahoghunter,it is not an inpossible item to find but perhaps a very difficult one. I have seen others looking an am not sure if they found what they were looking for.Perhaps someone will chime in soon and give more details on this subject.Who knows you may get lucky.If you did find one for the rifle you of course should have the head spacing checked before firing the gun.Could be a safety issue.You are at the right place to get direction on this.Perhaps you should post in the wanted section and see what responses you get. Good luck Jim
  4. gunner620

    gunner620 Member

    pahoghunter,I should have mentioned the google search function on this site.If you will look at the top of the forum page you will find it.Just type in L461 bolt and you will get previous threads reguarding this subject. Jim
  5. pahoghunter

    pahoghunter New Member

    Thank you for the information, I think I will pass unless of course it goes for a really low price which I don't think will happen, people do really crazy things at auctons. I may look at the Sako A-7, I'm still active in varmint hunting and for some unknown reason I like synthetic stocks.

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