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    hello everyone,
    i'm looking into buying a Sako L461 vixen heavy barrel in 222 rem. The serial number if i remember right was around 72xxx and i looked it up in the documents putting it in the 65's or 67's. The rifle is in very good condition i belive it is a deluxe model with a blonde stock very, very nice wood. the rifle also has a scope with rings and bases but i'm not sure what kind it was. i want to purchase the rifle but i think it is a little high so i'm wondering if anyone can give me an ideal what it might be worth also maybe something about the caliber would be nice. the rifle is probably 98% just a little wear but looks very clean. Thanks, Chas_214
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    Heavy barrel models were all "standard grade". Some early HB models did have a rather light stock stain, much more like the lighter Deluxes, however they did not have skip line checkering, extra bright blue, nor engraving on the floorplate. Despite the fact that it is not a Deluxe, it is still a very desirable rifle. Pricing is extremely subjective, as is condition (HB models are subject to being shot a lot, so examine the condition of the bore regardless of how nice the exterior may look). Any time you can get ahold of a nice and original pre-Garcia HB (bare gun, sans scope or mounts) for less than $800, you're probably doing well. If it is in extra nice condition, expect to pay more.
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    I remember the stock having a diamond shape grip cap and a forend tip but i was not sure if that made a difference. Thanks agian for the info Chas_214

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