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  1. palmnorris

    palmnorris New Member

    My uncle is trying to sell me the following:

    This is his description and his price:

    Sako Forester Mod 308 Win 98% condition (1958-1966) S/N 66XXX Sako L579 Action,Bofors barrel,Sako rings & base, Redfield 3-9X Widefield,sling, with muzzle brake

    $1200 negotiable

    What do you guys or gals think?


  2. woodman

    woodman Member

    Southwest Florida

    The muzzle brake was probably added by a gunsmith which in my opinion anything modified from original makes the gun less desirable. But this may be more desirable for others.

    98% Bofors rifles dont just grow under every tree. I'm still searching for one to tickle my fancy.

    I like a good smack in the shoulder now & then from a non muzzle brake gun, it wakes me up.

  3. wmumma05

    wmumma05 Member

    Elizabethtown Pa.
    Even at 98% I wouldn't spend anywhere near $1200,I believe that since it has been altered it does nothing but hurt the price. It's all in want you want though. The value is what someone is willing to pay. Just my opinion.

  4. bloorooster

    bloorooster Moderator

    Almost Heaven USA
    Palmnorris, Welcome to the Forums...Sako L579 Forester .308 bofors marked, Good! Muzzle break, Bad! Redfield Scope, Good! Rings and such, Good!....$1200 Run away, don't walk RUN! There are way better L579's out there for far less...can't imagine for the life o' me why someone would put a Break on a 308!-Bloo
  5. emmerth

    emmerth Member

    Pittsburgh, PA USA
    Your uncle must be giving you the same family discount my in-laws extend to me, 10x the going rate [​IMG]
  6. stonecreek

    stonecreek Well-Known Member

    Texas Hill Country
    Let's take the sum of the parts:

    Redfield 3-9X Widefield = $150
    Original(? there were no "Sako bases") Sako rings = $75
    Muzzle brake = minus $225

    Net of accessories = $0

    Cost of gun = $1200

    The package, if a standard grade, should be about $700-$800; if a Deluxe it would be worth $800 to $1,000, but the muzzle brake hurts the deluxe more than it does the standard, so limit the top end for the deluxe to $900.

    I would not personally be interested in a .308 with a muzzle brake, but there are different types of brakes. The type with which the barrel is cut back or the brake holes are machined into the barrel would damage the gun's value more than the type where only the last half-inch of the orginal barrel is threaded and the brake screwed on. With the latter type you can cut the threads off and recrown the barrel, only losing a half-inch of barrel length. This restores it to a semblance of its original configuration with minimal gunsmithing costs, however, those costs of say $50-$75 should be calculated into the price.

    By the way, the L579 was made from 1961 forward, so the 1958 date is erroneous. Your serial number puts it most likely in the mid 1960's.
  7. cmjr

    cmjr Member

    North Texas
    My thoughts mirror Stonecreeks. Usually I see that type of rifle(modified from original) as being worth the sum of it's parts. I always love it when someone says 98%, wonder who's grading system they're using! Definitely not the NRA system which is usually referred to in any grading scenario. Basically 500.00 for a used action, stock 100-150, rings 75 and I'm not as generous as Stonecreek on the scope, last 2 I sold, ie older Redfield Widefield's went for 65-75.00 and languished on a couple shooting boards until I finally sent them to Ebay. Wait until you crack one off at a deer with no ear protection!!
  8. palmnorris

    palmnorris New Member

    Thank you guys for all your input, it has been very helpful. He also has a Colt Coltsman that I will give you guys the details soon.

    Thanks again

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