Odd rear sight on L61R 7mm Mag. I recently purchased...

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  1. 6gunsonly

    6gunsonly New Member

    Posted a thread a few days ago about this rifle and its unusual rear sight. By my description, most here seemed to feel it was non-Sako. I have some pictures now and will try to post here for your considered opinions. Rifle is not Garcia marked, does have the third lug, checkered tops on scope mount bases, fixed-type sling swivels, not Bofors Steel marked, s.n. 70xxx. Front sight is a post-type on a checkered ramp with hood.

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  2. rob

    rob New Member

    I already have a 51XXX L61R in 7mm, but not with the rear sight that you show. Mine has no rear sight, but I would be willing to take that off your hands as it is obviously a misfit. And it seems that my cabinet is full of these misfits of different makes, so your would feel right at home.

    Lets say $150.00 and you pay frieght?

    It's the least I can do in these tough times.

    Nice rifle.

  3. 6gunsonly

    6gunsonly New Member

    Rob, I really appreciate your generous offer, but I wouldn't take advantage of you like that. :) I actually wound up with this thread posted in two forums here b/c I couldn't find my original post. Opinion seems to be that it's a gun that was originally sold in Europe and later imported by an individual. The sight is apparently seen on some of the FN action guns - see thread in "general discussions about Sakos" if interested.
  4. mtstcon

    mtstcon New Member


    Beings how you are receiptive to offers & you have that unique rear sight & you don't have a scope on the rifle, I would be happy to purchase those no good beat up Medium Sako rings for say...............$20 you pay shipping.

    Nice gun.

  5. olli-finland

    olli-finland New Member

    Feel safe. Your sight is original Sako. Some how rare, but Sako. Mostly, but not often, used on those a little bit bigger Sakos.
  6. olli-finland

    olli-finland New Member

  7. misako50

    misako50 Super Moderator

    This is for sale on Gunbroker Auctions. It is an L579 and the sight is made in the USA.-Mike

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  8. yohanan

    yohanan New Member

    I got one of those saddle mounted rear sights that came off an early Sako l6r I used to own - soldered on the barrel. My L61r, in 3006, had the 3rd locking lug under the bolthandle - like a Mauser 98. On my sight the 100m is fixed and 200m folding.
  9. mcgrif2243

    mcgrif2243 Banned

    Hey all,
    Check out photo section of the forum (show us all of your beautiful Sako's) where I posted photo's of my Special order .458 Win. Mag barreled action. Same rear sight as on 6gunsonly 7mm mag.
  10. S-A

    S-A Super Moderator

    I have seen a couple of these on rifles in the auction sites recently. No idea who made them, though.
  11. yohanan

    yohanan New Member

    6gunsonly, I had 3006 that looked just like your 7mm mag. All I got left now is the rear sight - shall see how long that is so:bigsmile3:
  12. sakorick

    sakorick Member

    Very interesting. I've never seen one. Out of curiosity does you rifle have a 3 lug bolt? Import mark? Looks like a pre Garcia action to me. Regards, Rick.
  13. S-A

    S-A Super Moderator

    "Rifle is not Garcia marked, does have the third lug, checkered tops on scope mount bases, fixed-type sling swivels, not Bofors Steel marked, s.n. 70xxx. Front sight is a post-type on a checkered ramp with hood."

    I like Olli's post from Finland. It is most pertinent to the question of the sight.
    Kiitos, Olli!
  14. mcgrif2243

    mcgrif2243 Banned

    So, it's a Garcia-era non-import. I have one in 7mm Mag. as well with hang-tag, SN 64749, Inspection date of Sept. 23, 1971. Purchased by an Air Force Officer at Ramstein AFB, Rod & Gun Club. Also, just curious about Rick's statement, "Looks like a Pre-Garcia action to me". What characteristics of an L61R bolt and action determine whether it is a "Garcia" action or a "Pre-Garcia" action? Please explain!
    Regards, Will
  15. mcgrif2243

    mcgrif2243 Banned

    Hey Olli-Finland,
    I also have the L61R Finnbear, .458 Win. Mag., three lug bolt, with the barrel sight. Another fella here on the forum who goes by "emmerth" has one as well. I am trying to find out as much as I can about these "special order" rifles. The popular theory was that the barrels were made by Lothar Walther. I sent an e-mail to Lothar Walther USA in Georgia. They responded to me that unless there was some sort of documentation, the information that they produced the barrels was probably false. Now, my daughter plays professional soccer in Germany for SG Essen-Schoenbeck. Her fiance' there is a German/English translator for the team. I would like to gather as much information in photo's, data, anything to send to her. She is very exited about contacting the Lothar Walther corporate HQ and visiting there to determine if the barrels were indeed made by Lothar Walther and supplied to Sako. I think this is an excellent opportunity to find something out about a very rare Sako. Let me know if you are interested. Emmerth, this shout out goes out to you as well and also to anyone else with the .458.
    Regards, Will
  16. emmerth

    emmerth Member


    What do you need, pics??? Let me know.


  17. mcgrif2243

    mcgrif2243 Banned

    Hey emmeth,
    Thanks for the reply. Funny thing, my daughter called from Germany not 30 minutes ago. She called while I was typing my prior post. What do I need? Anything you have! Pic's, Doc's, rumors, urban legends, whatever. I want to inundate Lothar Walther (in a motivational way) to confirm or put to rest the Lothar Walther mystery. If that doesn't work, I'll try "History Detectives" on Public Broadcast:bigsmile3:. Seriously though, anything and everything about yours, Olli's and anyone else who has one. Where did you get yours? any import stamp? Mine has the Stoeger import mark below the ejection port under the wood. I have photo's of mine on the forum (show beautiful Sako's) under "Sako .458 special order".
    Regards, Will
  18. L61R

    L61R Administrator Forum Owner

    I know the 458xB4s were sold by a US company called Brazas as barreled actions. If that can be of any help!?
    And to 6gunsonly!
    I have seen these sights many times here in Scandinavia so they may have been a feature for rifles sold outside the US?? I shall check my library when I get home at the end of next week to see if I can find any pics. I have no clue to who made them IxB4m afraid?
  19. mcgrif2243

    mcgrif2243 Banned

    Hey Jim,
    Thanks! of course that helps! I now know 99.9% more about it than I did. :bigsmile3:
    Anything else keep it coming. I am documenting everything as it comes in.
  20. L61R

    L61R Administrator Forum Owner

    My pleasure Will!
    From what I have picked up, 120, or thereabout, 458 barreled actions were made, or imported to the US.
    This statement originates from Sako One at the original SCA way back before the Internet.
    And he was at the factory a couple of times to check records among other things.

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