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New member with Safara AIV 375 for sale soon

Discussion in 'New members, please introduce yourselves here!' started by Anders A, Jun 4, 2017.

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  1. Anders A

    Anders A Member

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    NO Akershus
    I'm joining due to a passion for guns an weapons with a history to be told.
    I'm displeased with the restrictions of Norwegian an Swedish authorities who on behalf of their citizens decides how many guns we are allowed to own and have registrated.
    Today it is a maximum of 6 weapons.
    My father owns several guns of great history, among them a Sako Safari AIV 375 H&H. He wants me to have this piece of history, but I'm not able to get one more gun registrated.
    We have decided to sell the gun, but prefer it's new owner to be a person who knows what he/she are bying so that the legacy of the gun are preserved.
    The first owner sold the rifle due to recoil and traded it to smaller caliber.
    My father (second owner) has used it twice in Africa and a couple of times hunting moose in Sweden.
    It has not been used for at last 10-12 years.
    It is a "Swedish" gun, so export in EU are easy.
    Apel bases with 30 mm rings, but without
    There are also som brass and cartridges.

    I will post a salesad as soon as I get to visit my father and take photos of the rifle.
    Serial number can be sent if you are interested and writes me a pm.

  2. gowyo

    gowyo Sako Junkie

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    US Wyoming
    Anders I'm sorry to hear of your dilemma, although you must have quite the collection to have to cut a safari grade. I'm looking at a safari grade over here in 9.3 x62, which is an extremely rare bird because it was never marketed here, so I believe it was a military bring back. I owned a safari grade in 300 Winchester Mag ten or so years ago. They are the epitome of Sako craftmanship IMHO. That includes the deluxe's and super deluxe's with all of their carving.
  3. Jack vliet

    Jack vliet Member

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    US Michigan
    Too bad you're in Sweden, I would love to purchase such a rifle.

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