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L691 Custom Build .375 H&H

Discussion in 'Sako Long/Magnum Actions' started by james20, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. james20

    james20 Member

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    [FONT=br"times new roman"]Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and after
    reading old posts on and off for a while now I've decided to join up.[/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"][/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"]At the moment I'm based in the U.K in
    the midlands but soon plan to leave for sunny NZ and start a new life over
    there. I love Sako rifles, new and old (not so much the very new ones! =p) and
    have a few myself including: Sako 75 .223, Sako 75 .270,
    Sako L691 9,3 x 62 (I did have a Sako 85 Bavarian in a .243, but sold it
    because of a horrible T8 sound mod on the end of it) as well as a custom Heym SR20
    in .300WM and last of all a Sako L691 Magnum bolt-face action (Stoeger Import),
    brand new and in the white which I managed to pick up early last year as a bit
    of an opportunist buy knowing how good they are. All my rifles have original
    iron sights fitted as well as my old man's collection, mainly for aesthetic reasons
    on most of them, a lot of which had to be special orders to get hold of them
    here in the U.K. To accompany my 691 action, I now also have a brand new Sako
    L691 walnut stock with a fitted cross screw (not bolt). I picked it up about 6
    months later on eBay from the States, It's a lovely piece of wood and the
    action fits beautifully into it, again an opportunist buy to go with the
    action, with no real calibre yet in mind at that point in time.[/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"][/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"]I recently had and sold a BRNO 602 ZKK
    Customised in a .375H&H which weighed in at 8.5lbs. Nice handy thing to
    carry and had a nice functional solid control fed Mauser action; but when
    pushing 300gr slugs, it just dam hurt. Now, i couldn't justify spending the
    money on putting a break on that rifle and thought it better I sold it and
    moved on to a bigger beast; and with this 691 action sitting in my cupboard I
    thought I would like to explore the possibilities of making something out of
    it, again in a .375H&H[/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"][/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"]I' m not a small bloke at 6'4' but I
    want to make the rifle at least a 9.5lb (bare) with a barrel banded swivel
    along with front and back banded safari sights to make a real nice working
    setup. The only reason for making it heavy is to simply absorb some of that
    recoil, which I would consider aiding with a muzzle break; something I would only
    consider as a last resort having built the rifle and tried it, still to find
    the recoil unmanageable when zeroing (the time when you actually feel the recoil,
    some people seem to forget that you have to zero the thing before you can kill
    anything with it!) [/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"][/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"]Now as you 691 owners out there will
    know, there's next to no room for manoeuvre in the barrel channel on these
    rifles if you want to beef up the barrel somewhat from what Sako were
    installing in the factory originals to let's say more of a magnum contour. So
    basically, what I' m looking for is an off the shelf stock to fit my action with
    a big enough barrel channel to accommodate a large sized magnum contour barrel,
    to get some weight back into the rifle, with more weight added in the butt to
    balance the gun if necessary. The only two Stocks that I have identified on the
    market of which the action will fit and I like the looks of are the H-S
    Precision [/FONT][FONT=br"times new roman"]PSS056 [/FONT]stock
    http://www.hsprecision.com/shop/stocks/pss056.html [FONT="times new roman" ]that was used in Magnum Research's Mountain Eagle
    rifle. [/FONT]

    [FONT=br"times new roman"]Then there's the McMillan Sako Classic
    stock [/FONT]http://www.mcmfamily.com/mcmillan-stocks-hunting-stock-list.php?subnav=branch2f.
    Now, I know the McMillan will accommodate up to a Douglas #5 contour according
    to their website and the H-S Precision will take up to a Shilen
    magnum sporter weight barrel, neither of which a quite large enough for what
    I'm after, ideally with a Douglas #5A being perfect (based upon barrel weight
    calculators, knowing my action weighs 3lb2oz and the stock will weigh 2.25lb's).
    I would look at making the barrel length around 24 or 25'. The ideal stock
    would be McMillan's Sako Safari stock which will carry up to a Douglas #5A
    barrel but is only inletted for a 75 action so is a no go unfortunately.

    Could the barrel channels of these
    stocks be shaved out a little to carry these barrels with float?? I have no experience with any of the stocks
    mentioned and as of today all of my guns have walnut stocks so I really have no
    idea. Is there anyone who has these stocks with a 691 action in them, do they
    handle well, and what are they like? Or maybe you have one on a different

    I've added some photo's of a rifle
    I've found on the net which is basically exactly what I'm looking for in theory
    as it weighs in at 9.9lb's also with a Sako L691 action but a left hooker and
    in a McMillan Sako Classic stock and 26' barrel. Based upon barrel weight
    calculations that I've done, and from the looks of it in the photos it must be
    something like a Douglas #5A barrel thus he must have shaved out the barrel
    channel to take it or if not its the #5 barrel but he's heavily loaded the
    stock with lead. Who knows, I can't contact the guy at source. But it gives you
    an idea of what I'm after.

    Ignoring my specific needs, which are
    the better of the two stocks in general terms, the H-S precision or the McMillan?

    I really have a lot of questions
    before I can progress with the project, the problem being that both stocks are
    basically special orders or made to order so I can't just ' try' one
    out and have a good look at them before buying.

    [FONT=br"times new roman"][/FONT]

    Do you guys have any other suggestions
    of other stocks or ideas? Please let me know your thoughts and give your

    ATB, James


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