L461 bolt stop spring replacement

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  1. Hi guys,
    I think the bolt stop spring has broken on my gun.
    The indications are that the gun will not eject cases/rounds as per usual, I lift the bolt with the case on the end of it, pull it back and it stops and the case does not move.
    The bolt stop is floppy and lacks the normal spring preload.

    I had the same problem on my A2 and that was replaced by a smith in a shop (Litts) in Wales, but that shop went bust and was taken over so I am not sure if the smith still works there. He charged me £2 to do it, which is cheap.

    I need to have the gun for use so I want to fix this pretty quickly.

    I am in the UK so I am not going to buy one from the States.

    Any advise on how to replace the spring and any idea of the type of spring as well would be very useful.

    I recall on the A2 the smith unscrewed two screws to remove the box covering the bolt stop and they were countersunk. I think I have to remove the stock as well?

    I just shot a fox heading for my chickens and it had one cockerel had already been taken so I am quite pleased with this, assuming it is the only fox involved?
    Many thanks

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    Hey Bigjack! sad news about your bolt stop spring...but never fear, the SCC is here. There is a quick fix for your troubles using a spinner bait fishing lure...do a search on it on our forums, I know its here somewhere. all it takes is a pair of needle nose pliers and a 2 dollar fishing bait...yes, you'll have to remove the action from the stock to get to the bolt stop screws...be sure and use the right hollow ground driver tip and be careful torquing them back down...I drop of nail polish on the threads will keep them from vibrating loose...everyone thus far that has used this "field repair technique" has boasted great results and easy application! Good luck friend!~Bloorooster
  3. Thank you Bloorooster.
    I ordered a Beetle spinner from the bay of E and I'll see if it works.
    Other avenues are to order one from Sako via the importer.
    Also a gunsmith had asked a spring maker to make a batch some time ago but he has not been in touch with them recently and he will chase this up and let me know.
    So they are out there somewhere.
  4. bloorooster

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    Good to hear Bigjack...with hope you'll be back behind that Vixen soon, and those sneaky foxes will fear your wrath! Shoot Safe and Shoot Often!~Bloo

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