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  1. abi mod75

    abi mod75 Member

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    AU New South Wales
    Hi Rick, thank you for your help so far. All the screws regarding the scope may of been over tightened. Towards the afternoon i was having issues with the scope blurring not in one spot the blur seemed to be moving around inside the scope, i tbought it may be eye fatigue so i had the range officer have a look and he experienced the same thing, so the scope has gone back to bushnell for service i will have to wait for it to come back hopfully that fixes most of the problem. Overall i have made some improvement since i started this journey i aim to use the rifle for hunting purposes, i have take plenty of wild pig with rifles that have shot worse than this but being a sako i geuss i have high expectations for this rifle.


  2. ricksengines

    ricksengines Well-Known Member

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    US Florida
    Yep anytime you get stuff like the fliers happening something is loose. Mounts and rings are the first suspects, then the scope itself. Glad you found the problem but if you could move that two shot group over to the other three shots you would have the making of a pretty fine five shotter.


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