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    Hi there everyone. I am new to this club and I hope you might be able to answer this question. What I have is a Sako rifle with a 2x7 Redfield scope, Blond zebra wood stock (could be custom). Rifle open sights. Barrel reads as follows, Sako 109719 on left side of barrel. 300 Magnum stamped on the top of the barrel. No not 300 Win, Wthby H&H;, just as above. Made in Finland on right side of barrel. I looked under stock, noting but more serial numbers, all match. I have tried and tried to find it with no luck. Please help if you can. P.S. Sako Finland says that they will not trace the serial number for me.
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    sounds like a Mauser action Sako .300 H&H; to me. Made in the '50s, and long before the Win Mag became a highly produced chambering. Very collectable if all original.

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    So, Deergoose.

    How would I know if it is all original and is there any info out there I might be able to get?
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    i puchased this rifle by high rec's from several ppl, and i did not notice until later time that the rifle does not have mnfctr's name anywhere that that i can find, and anyone that looks at it says, how can you tell if it's a sako? well, there's egg on my face because i took the gun shop ppl's word for it and now i have no clue, i shot the reticle out of a luepold scope that i bought and had mounted, but, the bsa scope i bought to replace it with we had a hard time with finding scope mounts that would fit the scope and the rifle, the shop said, how do you know it's a sako. well, can anyone help me out????? thanks
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    I have a similar Sako, no typical sako number anywhere and to make it worse/more difficult it was rebarrelled into 6.5 x 55 but from what I couldnt say. It has scope mounts fitted to the rifle so it doesnt have a machined rail like the later models. It has a standard looking mauser/P14/M1917 bolt release on the left and the mauser flag safety has been altered for a scope. It has nice wood ending in a slight schnabel tip at the front and a sako Cog wheel marked butt plate at the rear.

    serial number is 106126 and it was shipped to me today as a delear for a client who lives nearby.

    He cant collect for a day or two so I am taking it to my wood tomorrow to put a handful of rounds through it.

    Any ideas as to its era let alone date would be great. If its dry tomorrow I'll get some pics.
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    Bambi: Your gun sounds like a Sako built on an FN Mauser action. These were produced by Sako in the 1950's for "full length" cartridges like .270, .30-06, and .300 H&H prior to the introduction of Sako's own L61R action in the early 1960's.

    They typically had a fairly heavy barrel and a stock that looks much like the FN Deluxe or Browning Safari stock, usually with a matte lacquer finish.
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    Hey borderrat and mofire,
    For help ID'ing your rifles post photo's, or describe words, markings, proofmarks and locations on the rifle. Mofire, it sounds to me like you have a Sako High-Power, Magnum Mauser Sporter (Cal's 8X60S, 8.2X57,.300 and .375 H&H Mag) the big brother to the Sako High-Power Mauser Sporter (Cal's .270 and .30-06). These models were the first offerings by Sako into the big-game world and the actions were mauser's provided by Fabrique Nationale of Belgium (the actions should have Belgian proof-marks). the caliber marking of .300 Magnum on the barrel was utilized to identify .300 H&H Magnum, with the H&H not needed due to no other .300 magnums being chambered at the time. Approx dates of Manufacture were 1950-1957, with some literature claiming 1946 to 1961. Again, photo's or at least detailed description for a more certain ID.
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    They where called Sako Hi-Power for calibers up to 30-06 and the like.
    The .300H&H and .375H&H where called Sako Magnum Mauser.
    Serial numbers start with 100000 so "yours" is quite early. There where two types of stocks and two types of safeties. Wing safety and a normal slide safety on the right hand side. And as always with Sako, there are oddities! I have seen one Mannlicher stocked Hi-Power chambered for 8,2x57 (8mm Mauser)!!
    There where many calibers marketed around the world and here are a list I have:
    8x60 I (.318)
    8x60 IS (.323)
    8,2x57 (8x57JS)
    .257 Roberts
    .300 Savage
    7mm Mauser
    .220 Swift


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    By the way, I know where a Sako Mauser 8x60 (.318" bore) is available in the U.S. I thought briefly about buying it, but I was unwilling to deal with the odd bore size. I think it is still available and will gladly provide the contact to anyone who is interested.
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    Thanks folks, just got back from the range, what a pleasure to shoot, pics will be posted later.

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