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FS: Sako Model 78 22LR

Discussion in 'SCC Trade Corner' started by DarryH, May 30, 2013.

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  1. DarryH

    DarryH Member

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    This is sold to Flakfan.
    Thank you for looking.

    Model 78 in .22 LR..........see price drop
    Excellent condition.
    I can find a minor mark or two in the wood, if I look hard.
    Metal shows where a scope has been mounted, and is thinned
    in a couple normal spots from working the action.
    Comes with one magazine.
    No rear sight. First owner had a scope mounted by the dealer at the
    time of purchase. He doesn't recall receiving the rear sight back.
    He has looked around his home and had no luck, so it is gone.
    I bought this from the original owner, who only fired two shots!!!!
    I have fired less than 200.
    I would not even consider selling, but I bought it for a match we
    shoot at the gun club I belong to. I need 4 mags for the match.
    When I bought this gun, it was for love of the gun itself, as well as
    being perfect for my needs.
    The original scope is a Weatherby 22 scope with integrated rings.
    These scopes sell well for $150 to 180 on their own.
    Gun alone is $900...(only price drop Now $800 06/06/2013)
    With scope is $1000....(only price drop Now $900 06/06/2013)
    Need $30 for shipping. $45 if I have to ship from my dealer.
    I have a lot of pics, but I can only send them by E-mail. Sorry about that.
    I'll be glad to send lots of pics and answer any questions.
    I am in Nebraska.
    NRA Benefactor Life Member
    Member Eastern Nebraska Gun Club
    Member Dakota Territories Gun Collectors Association
    Member Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
    Thank you
    Good Shootin!!

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2013

  2. flakfan

    flakfan Member

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    Have you sold this Sako M78? If not I am interested. direct email for pictures and contact is flakfan@yahoo.com

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